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  1. I Checked about 100 accounts. 80% wanted to change the pass 15% Wrong password 4% Suspended account 1% Successfully Log in but 1 lvl accounts and 2 of them 20 lvl
  2. Hello guys so today i am gonna share with you the files of Promo.L2E-Global.Eu Its easy to rip the files since the files are HTML but its ok :D Also i have to say that the movie on the background isnt the original. I changed it and i added my own that i found on youtube. You can do the same just download the mp4 from youtube and replace with it the movie.mp4. ALSO -> I dont know if i have to put credits about that because i have to say that I DONT OWN THE FILES i just ripped them with a "tool" Anyway... Screenshot : And now the link :D : Press Me <---
  3. Omg dat community... Does everything only for money !! lolz
  4. Gracia Final Server Is Coming Up Soon! Our Site: www.l2sirris.com Facebook Fun Page: fb.com/Lineage2Sirris SERVER RATES Experience: x9300 Sxperience: x3000 Adena: x5500 Augmentation Info Top LS Grade: 8% Augmentation Type: Stack (Unlimited Actives) Augementation Trade Type: Tradeable Custom Items Weapons: Dynasty - Icarus - Vepser - Titanium - Unique - Dread Armors: Masterwork - Dynasty - Vepser - Titanium - Dread - Legacy Dread - RYKROS Accessories: Accessories with custom statistics ! Jewelry: Custom Jewelry with custom statistics ! Custom
  5. I mean you just added the logo of the server right? (i didnt said something about your skills you are OP but this is poor i guess for your skills)
  6. Is there any tutorial to edit the effects ( ex = Emerald to something i want ) or take the effects from other npc and move them to another npc.
  7. Do you have any custom lobby? Cause its very special kinda rare
  8. rly ? one of the most wanted top ranks ? hahaahah
  9. Any interface for interlude? Also there is any tutorial to edit the interface?
  10. Anything left for me? Server's Name: L2 Bevon Request: Anything that left for me :D
  11. Hello mxc members i request a gif image with flares or something of my currectly avatar for signature. Also i request a new avatar. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks a lot man. [GR]Atomo san esena einai timi mou na m kanoun rep :D Euxaristw poly
  13. Hello Guys i Guess i Will Help a lot of Guys With This Guide So Lets Start - STEP 1 First of all download File Editor ( C4 To Freya ) MediaFire It Looks Like This : STEP 2 Press "Open & Decrypt" and Select npcname-e.dat -> STEP 3 Press "Find" Type Your Monster's Name And Press "Find Next" Example -> Gremlin STEP 4 This what you will see : So Now You Have To Change The Colors As You can See Its on RGB ( Red Green Blue ) Mode. Some Colors : 00 00 FF = Red Color 00 DD 00 = Lime Color 80 80 80 = Gray Color FF FF 00 = Yellow Color (