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  1. Hey there.i send you a skype message from 10.02 and waiting some answers.
  2. Hey there , our server is gonna be online in a few days.So i would like to find some quality services about promo. I was reading a lot of posts at this section but us always , there are a lot of views. So , i would like to help me to find the best solution. My targets is argentinian , greek e.t.c Thanks in advance
  3. Just one week for our Grand Opening. Lineage II Drug is ready to welcome you in our world. A mass pvp server full of balance , protection and NO DONATION server is ready to roll. Will you join us? Join in our forum and stay tuned , our patch is coming.
  4. I rly don't know the server (L2Acme) but w/e about the desing , i thing that is no problem. Strain is the desinger of our website and l2acme also. So there is no copyright problem. Right? i don't know why we have to talk about it. Let's go back to the point! GRAND OPENING Saturday 28/03 at 20:00 (GMT +2)
  5. Good morning! The grand opening will'be at March , we will inform you with the official date as soon as possible.
  6. MAIN WEB SITE : http://www.l2drug.com MAIN WEB FORUM : http://www.l2drug.com/forum
  7. Hello and welcome to L2Drug! We are glad to announce our new project.This project is based on our L2 Knowledge and how we imagine a PvP server. A Custom PvP server which has as its biggest goal to reach the highest level of Balance, taking into account the ideology of the owner company of Lineage II, NcSoft as a MMORPG Mash PvP Game. Paying great base in the game setup of all sides and thanks to the help/recommendations of several users of Lineage 2 , we believe that the final result will be something beautiful and at the same time different from the usuals IL private servers. Raid Boss SYTEM : EPICBOSSES,CUSTOM BOSSES, NOBLESSE BOSS! RESPAWN EVERY 2 HOURS RANDOMLY. Olympiad 100% Retail Like Custom Elegia Armor and Icarus Weapons [You can find them on SPECIAL SHOP] Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Max Subclasses = 5 Max Subclass level = 80 All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE + 1 PASSIVE) New PvP Protection System / Anti-FEED SYSTEM New Auto System for checking every time when player logged in and dedect the bug stuck or any another bug/problem with your char Olympiad Playing TIME : [20:00 ~ 00:00 GMT+2] Every Day Olympiad Period - 1 weeks. New Olympiad feed protection added. New heroes appears on every 7 Days. Custom Start Location / Unique Newbie Guide Custom Farm Zone - Party Zone[Party zone will be added after 1 month of grand opening] PvP Area - Boss Zone Killing Spree System which announcements the current status of your pvping. Shout Chat With 100 Pvp Trade Chat with 50 Pvp Teleport Protection players who are in Combat can't use GK. PvP Assist system for all support class[Assist Classes have 20% Chance to get PvPs]. PvP Lord System: Every 1 hour PvP Lord will be announce and get reward (.killerstatus) for Informations. PVP Color's on Title/Name : (Name by PvP , Title By PK) Exp : 1000x SP : 1000x Adenas : x1 Safe Enchant : +3 Max Enchant with Normal/Blessed : +16 Max Enchant with Legend Scroll : +18 Enchant with Blessed Scrolls up to (Armor-Jewels) : +16 | 80% Enchant with Blessed Scrolls up to (Weapon) : +16 | 80% Enchant with Legend Scrolls up to (Armor-Jewels) : +18| 40% Enchant with Legend Scrolls up to (Weapon) : +18 | 40% - Top Life Stones Rate : 15% - High Life Stones Rate : 10% - Mid Life Stones Rate : 5% [SERVER HEROES OR CLAN MEMBER WHO OWN CASTLE HAVE MORE CHANCE AND DROP RATE] Our server starts with Newbie Guide, this system gives you the first equipment S Grade +5 , Potions, SS and you Choose your class!The teleports you to the MAIN TOWN in order to start your journey in our world. Name : L2Drug Farm Item : Dropable from farm zones. Name : L2Drug Adena : Dropable from PvP Zones. Name : Vote Coin: Obtainable from Votes. Name : Nobless Item : Obtainable by killing Noblesse Raidboss. Name : PvP Item : Obtainable from PvPs. Name : Mage/Fighter Tattoo Lv1-Lv2 : Buyable from Special Shop. Name : Legend Scrolls : Dropable from GrandBosses and Buyable from Vote Shop. Name : Clan Reputation Item : Can be obtain from Clan Raidbosses and gives you instant 10k Points. Name : Noblesse Item : Can be obtain from Noblesse Raidboss and gives you instant Noblesse Status. Our server is based to keep player interesting and keep doing things all day.We have semi-farm difficulty. We wish to get understood on the explaintion for more informations join in the game for get instant view. Top PvP/PK NPC[Here you can see top pvp/pk list] Castle Lord[Announce when castle lord logged in] PvP Lord[Every 1 hour players who have the most kills take his reward and become PvP Lord of Hour] Killing Spree System[Announce every x kills] TVT/CTF RaidBoss killer name and his Clan[When you kill a raidboss server gives a announce with your name and your clan name]. Gatekeeper[Discover our world for free] Raid Boss Manager[You can see respawn time or if RaidBosses its alive] GMSHOP[Take your basic items for free] Special Shop[L2Drug Special items can be obtain from here]. Buffer Vote MANAGER[special Vote manager you can vote every 12 hours and get instant reward] Class Manager PK Guard Augment Manager SubClass Manager Sympol Maker Wedding Manager .online [Check how many players is online] .pin[set your own pin to do your account more protected] .menu[set online/offline many choices like Party Refusal / Trade / Messages & more] .killerstatus[Check the Killer status and the kills of those] .stats[One of the biggest problem on L2 Private servers is the corruption , now we solve it! Just take target one player and use it] .tvtjoin / .tvtleave / .tvtinfo .ctfjoin / .ctfleave / .ctfinfo .dmjoin / .dmleave / .dminfo OFFICIAL PAGE OF FACEBOOK : Click Here SKYPE MAIN PROFILE : [ Coming soon ] MAIN E-MAIL SUPPORT : INFO@L2DRUG.COM MAIN WEB SITE : http://www.l2drug.com MAIN WEB FORUM : http://www.l2drug.com/forum
  8. Excellent person , perfect job. I love him :)
  9. Hello im searching a auto vote reward system+npc for all sites.
  10. We don't give up , we are make a huge promotion these days.We keep fixing problems and implement people ideas.
  11. Thanks , but listen. We are not paying any player to play like all other server do. Give us some time and then leave a comment. I don't know why you keep replie everyday.
  12. Thank you mate! Waiting you inside!
  13. exactly. You can use the community board to see the online players. Anyway for first day we had almost 70ppl. Of course from tomorrow we will start a lot of promotion on social networks , forums & toplists. Join us!
  14. 20 Minutes until GRAND Opening , we're hope to like our work see ya inside!