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  1. Makes no sense thought. No players, no donations, no money. @Frank Hello there :)
  2. Was like that 5 years ago when i was playing during hi5-GoD times. Not sure if corruption or just some kind of bot.
  3. Just a bad coincidence that the gifts exchange happen right after the owner gets the money :dat: If you give something in return, then you actually bought it, and for sure most of the remaining players are buying the said item. I guess it is something legal so the one who spent the money cannot actually ask a refund.
  4. Should the donations be used to make some sort of profit out of the project? This is the main reason why there are so many private servers out there. Also their customers donators are more encouraged in giving to the server owner money, cause they think 100% of the money earned are used on the server.
  5. Why every server keep calling them 'Donation' when, as a matter of a fact, you buy a certain item for in-real currency. Same way when you pay NCSoft to buy In-game currency (NCoin) which you use in their marketplace. Definition of donation according to wikipedia: :poker face: /Discuss /LetTheFlameBegin
  6. DragonHunters, are they still there on Naia server?
  7. I will translate the whole Lineage II client into greek then! ...... ... Oh wait... :troll:
  8. No no no, you put in the donation list AoE attacks/skills. Also you make sure you are running your server on the worst potato server out there and far away from 99,9% of your playerbase just to make sure everyone has at least 200ms response. Now that I exposed my idea I hope nobody comes here and copy pasta it for their server. :troll: :troll: :troll:
  9. True balance: Make every class 1-shot every class. In the end all the players have same chances to win and it is balanced. :troll: :troll: :troll:
  10. MaxCheaters should only go ahead and focus on a new game. Lineage2 is dead and those private servers are only throwing shit to the good memories we all had about it.
  11. Computer Fan :troll: :troll: :troll: