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  1. Hello, I'm an experienced developer with around 6 years of experience in L2 development and over 10 years of experience in webdesign and many web coding languages courses (HTML/XHTML/CSS/PHP/jQuery) under my belt. On top of that, I've also owned a quite known server called L2Vendetta, among other minor projects such as L2Blood, L2Zion, L2Dust, L2Prodigy and recently (last year), L2PvPWorld. I had to take a long vacation from the entire L2 world due to personal reasons such as university and work but now that I've finally got constant free time on a daily basis I'd gladly work o
  2. Just realized I now have access to this account too and figured I should post with it too just to confirm my identity.
  3. Well first off this armor does not belong to any of you. I don't care to what chronicle you adapted it for (big fucking deal). Me and my team have coded and designed this armor, so if anyone is to receive credits, that is RavenSpirit, OchreJelly and PyroMaker, the Lineage 2 Vendetta team.
  4. Burned your image to build my image? When you showed up I was in the scene for over 3 years kiddo. You're goddamn stevee, the lamest server owner ever, you managed to hold a server before for how long exactly? 1 month? You actually thought you could block all kinds of DDoS attacks purchasing a DLL? You've always been an idiotic naive arrogant kid and always will be. You got no knowledge about anything at all yet you pretend you do, and that's precisely why I kicked you off my staff. Now you're all hurt and want to make up stories... I knew you were dumb, but wow, that's just crazy, lmao. Bravo
  5. Wow, you're fucking delusional, what's up with those crazy-ass passwords? And what's this talk you were "the soul of the server"? Are you mentally retarded? Ask ANYONE here how much I contributed to the L2OFF community, do you really think I'd need some dipshit like you to do anything for me? Get lost, dude.
  6. ROFL, have fun with that scammer... Whatever files he has are definetly not even a bit alike Dust. He never had access to the files anyway. Silly sally... Funny how people just try to imitate/scam using Vendetta's/Dust name... Check out what happened to the last one: www.l2seniority.com
  7. How about you go work on your crappy L2DotA instead of criticising people's work? And what's up Lindrian, jealous too much? I'm sorry if you're such a failure...
  8. Did you even read what I said in the topic? I'm not mentioning any prices in here.
  9. Hello, If you're looking forward to upgrade your server or build a new Gracia CT 2.2 server, this is probably what you're looking for. I'm currently selling this CT 2.2 DLL (with the full source). A friend of mine coded this, he's pretty known in the L2 scene but asked me to sell it for him, so I'm not mentioning any names. For now, here's what's in the DLL: Modules coded: CAddBaseState CAttachedSkills CAugmentation CAutoPremium CBuffSlot CCheckSkillSystem CCommonItemSwitch CCraftSystem CDatabase CDbPacket CDeathSystem CD
  10. For those of you wondering why the "corruption" posts got deleted: Pretty much an asshole posted two photoshopped screenshots about Ray supposedly talking to him. The conversation was kinda like this, literally: Liquid: "MENS I HAS CLAN BATT IF U GIEF MI AIO AND ITAMZ I JOIN OK... WE WANT 9 DRAC SETS +9 AND 9 BAWS +9 OR NO JOIN" Ray: "WAIT MEN I GO TALK PYRO" Ray: "OK HE SAY YES, GREAT SUCCESS. GO IG AND I GIV J00 ITAMZ" Liquid: "YES YES OK" That's basically how it was. A bit satirized indeed, yes, but that's just how broken english the photoshopped screenshot was. I poste
  11. Jesus Rey (rej222), you're even more retarded than I thought you could possibly be... don't be a fucking idiot, BoTGoD tried to scam me, he's a goddamn idiot... why do you think I would join him to open up another server? If you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, please remain silent...
  12. The HDDs weren't erased, they were corrupted... they were all in one machine and that machine had some sort of short circuit that damaged not only the HDDs, but all the rest, including RAM, processor, etc. - Almost everything had to be replaced.
  13. Hello, ________________________________________________________________ Recently we've had datacenter issues with Vendetta. Here's my post at the website: "Dear players, A terrible unfortunate has happened... apparantly these stupid idiots from our datacenter have erased all our data... when the maintenance was over, I still couldn`t connect to the box, so I sent a ticket and they said they were having "power issues"... a few hours later I was told our HDDs were corrupted and that there was nothing else they could do but wipe it, I told them not to and to figure a way out w