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  1. Thats good for us, they will be less inclined to go after people that modify the legacy client.
  2. Makes sense the way you put it but on the other hand they continue this bad cycle.
  3. I guess when Innova saw how many more players than them you got and how better service you provide they thought of you as a threat to their scummy ways. I hope everything turns out well in the end. But seriously they have 0 rights to Gracia Final or Epilogue, only NCsoft Korea and maybe NA can come after you for that which i doubt they care to. If push comes to shove you could ip block the Russian federation lol.
  4. I think the biggest problem is the community and not the servers and their admins. If people didnt rejoin all these copy pasted servers that re-open every other week maybe these admins would try something else.
  5. What the hell are even these "Classic" servers? Theres nothing classic about them, all i see is more "Star Warsy" stuff. Real Classic is everything Interlude and previous. They should have just done that but instead of turning it into whatever it is they are trying to do they should have expanded it with new locations,gear and pve content.
  6. Virtualizations isnt very good with direct3d stuff. Why would you even want to do something like that?
  7. I think Hopzone still is pretty strong despite being a bit behind the times and have terrible support. Topzone and mmotop.eu are my current favorites. Not sure about the rest. Although generally i feel all these platforms only care about their premium users at the end of the day which sucks.
  8. Last C5 off server i remember from recent years was L2Nostalgia from 2013 i think, it was going pretty well until as per usual the idiot admins started shenanigans.
  9. No shit, every software has them. Just with l2 everyone and their mother is a software engineer...
  10. These days everyone gets offended by anything, you shouldnt take these things seriously.
  11. Try https://hostbastic.com The owner is a friend of mine and i know for a fact he doesn't over provision like others do.
  12. I could make one like that for you but i need to be sure i wont waste my time (i already have the means to host the server & website). I will be managing it alone so there wont be any corruption or if i have gms i will make sure they wont have any abusive power. Anyway pm me or quote me on this topic so we can talk more and i can get an idea of what kind of server exactly you are looking for. Of course there will be no donations on the server, unless somebody wants to donate without any reward as a thank you.
  13. You didnt really watch the trailer though. Its some sort of Lineage 2 version for mobile with improved graphics as seen in the logo.
  14. Its sad that we have to resolve to such solutions because the game is dead. Great job though.