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  1. These days its 99% advertising and 1% the actual server and all that comes with it.
  2. Has this been confirmed? I read of a lot of conflicting information about the subject.
  3. If you want anything i can try and contact the l2gang admin i still have him on my skype from back in the day.
  4. I suggest instead of Serious, Fun and Joke to use Recommended, Flawed and Low Quality. This way you will also insensitive Good but flawed and low quality servers to become better. Also you should find a way to filter people from just voting in the polls without playing the server.
  5. The video is probably not taken down because it can be used in case of legal troubles :D
  6. Maybe if you explain the problem we can help you for free? Doesnt sound like something serious. (Wtf has happened to this community?)
  7. Wasnt this the initial model of servers back in the day? Voluntary donations by the community to cover the costs without any ingame rewards?
  8. Maybe we should create a sub community of server owners that are not greedy assholes and actually care to provide fair long term servers that are focused on community building and unique features.
  9. Update [22/5/2020] Decided after some thinking to switch to an Interlude type of server. The Epilogue server might still happen at some point in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience or disappointment this change might have caused. https://discord.gg/wStJnA4
  10. Next time dont wear a suit. If it was a "gamer" looking guy talking from his bedroom or home office it would have been more believable.
  11. @LordPanic You said you left a server because the big clans left, that right there is a community problem. You cant expect servers to stick around if you dont stick with the server and support it when the population is down. Another huge issue i noticed the past 10 years is people leaving once the Olympiad period is over.
  12. Goals, expectations and donations. First of all i would like to set the expectations straight. This is not a "for profit server". Right now donation are voluntary and you will not gain anything in compensation in-game or otherwise. The goal of the server is to make a small community of people that like to play Lineage 2 and have fun. Website: https://www.l2haven.club Short description & Features. *XP/SP: x500 *Adena: x2000 *Drops/ Spoil: x1 *Raid Drops: x1 - Full GM Shop - Scheme Buffer (3h Buffs) - Buff/Dance Slots: 32 (+4 w/Divine Inspirat
  13. Just adapt this https://gist.github.com/JMD13/8a14f647661440a3333405f8e6619c0b
  14. I would be ok to pay if they had said so from the beginning but instead they had me waste my time on emailing them and getting nonsensical responses.
  15. Finally someone spoke up about this. Since 2013 i was never able to add a new Server in L2Topzone. While i understand at the beggining this method was used to stop people from listing duplicates or the same server again in order to get a front page spot it doesnt make sense when the server in questions is brand new with different name, game version and rates/features. Also theres been countless times where i tried to add a new server in the same old account but i was forced to edit the old one i had already listed with totally unrelated reviews and server names which btw you are no