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  1. Beautiful! I'm working on a Lineage/Diablo project for fun, I'd love to see one with old red :)
  2. Skills aren't super easily copied, which version of L2 are you working on? Here's the usual process: 1. Find and copy skill entry in skilldata.txt, give new ID 2. Find and copy skill entry in skillgrp.dat, give same new ID 3. Find and copy skill entry in skillname-e.dat, give same new ID 4. Find and copy skill entry in skillsoundgrp.dat, give same new ID 5. Generate the skill entry in skill_pch.txt. This follows a specific algorithm, it isn't as easy as npc_pch or item_pch. Cubafull shared one for HF, you can find it here: You're
  3. Yeah sorry, I was looking at one of the older logs. I'm looking through this now, I'll let you know if I find something. Edit: 03/24/2021 02:01:57.237, [.\Skill.cpp][1878] Duplicated skill (m_s_improve_movement1) 03/24/2021 02:01:57.237, [.\Skill.cpp][1878] Duplicated skill (m_s_improve_combat1) 03/24/2021 02:01:57.237, [.\Skill.cpp][1878] Duplicated skill (m_s_improve_condition1) 03/24/2021 02:01:57.237, [.\Skill.cpp][1878] Duplicated skill (m_s_improve_critical1) 03/24/2021 02:01:57.237, [.\Skill.cpp][1878] Duplicated skill (m_s_improve_magic1) 0
  4. 01/18/2021 22:54:05.262, invalid char [/] at line [88346] 01/18/2021 22:54:05.262, invalid char [/] at line [88346] 01/18/2021 22:54:05.262, [.\NpcMakerDB.cpp][115] Parsing NPC Spawn file failed, at line[88346] It looks like something's up with your npcpos.txt.
  5. I'm not seeing anything wrong in those. Could you upload the logs?
  6. Can you upload your npc_pch and npcdata.txt somewhere so i can look closer
  7. Yeah, something is wrong in between those two NPCs. Are they right after each other? Or are there NPCs in between?
  8. Try placing it earlier in the npcdata.txt and see if the error persists. Edit: Also make sure the class (citizen) and AI is functional. You want an AI that inherits from the citizen AI.
  9. The MakerLog territories is not an issue, it's just saying that the spawn point of the NPC is currently out of the designated spawn area. It doesn't prevent spawning. The example you just showed is different from the example in your first post. The new server_buffer you just showed, is now a guard and now has the AI of a bloody_pixy. Why is it different this time?
  10. Can you post your error log from npcserver and l2server? There's a chance there's nothing wrong with this entry, but one of the NPCs above it is not working right. NPCServer loads NPCs from npcdata.txt from the top, and if it finds an incorrect entry, it stops. All the NPCs up to that point are still loaded. If this is the case, the NPC you're trying to spawn is never loaded.
  11. You have an extra space after [server_buffer] in npcdata.txt, maybe it's that. It's definitely a server-side issue, so don't worry about the .dat files. Did you remember to restart cache too?
  12. These are all beautiful, thanks for the share! I'd like to request another host though, uploaded.net has some serious limitations.
  13. Don't worry, I recorded a macro and let it run ~15 hours total. I wouldn't do this if it took more effort :) That's why some of them are out of frame, but that's okay, those can be done manually eventually. Good to hear that I'm not the only one who can use this though! You're welcome
  14. I'm working on porting L2Homage from Epilogue to H5, and in that process, I decided to upgrade the interface. Part of that includes showing images of the stuff you're editing, instead of relying on text and game knowledge. I couldn't find a collection of NPC images anywhere, so I decided to make my own. There's almost 10,200 images @ 512x512, and the bigger NPCs are out of frame of course. But the vast majority work just fine. I figured I'd share this ridiculous and super unnecessary collection here, in case someone wants an easy reference when making custom NPCs. https
  15. She's back! We were worried. Good to see you!
  16. Thanks for this! I've done this for epilogue too, and I'm not sure if it's different, but I'm porting L2H to H5, so it's nice to have this as a reference :)
  17. Yes please. I'm currently updating L2Homage to fit H5! It's coming along nicely. I've been waiting for these files for so long.
  18. EDIT: Scratch that, I'm using the patched hauthD too. What's happening when you use it?
  19. You know, I’d actually like to see your exes, even just to compare. thanks! Oh god it actually worked just changing the name of the dll! You're awesome guys! Edit: I'm having trouble with the NPC server. Ugh. It seems to load fine, then it shuts down. There's not much in error logs and no error messages. Edit2: NPC server up too. Damn I'm rusty. Edit3: I'm in. That's enough for today. Thanks!
  20. Thanks everyone for helping out! Alright, so after installing VS 2010, boost, Windows SDK 8.1, windows SDK 7.1, repairing my VS 2019 version and manually hooking up the linking libraries, it finally built. I hooked up the extender DLL to the binaries with CFF explorer, but when I launch CacheD I get a "My world is not declared in DBList" error? L2Server won't even start, gives an error right away: Runtime Error! Program: D\L5\hf_we_L2Server\L2Server.exe R6002 - floating point not loaded It's progress at least! EDIT: So the fix f
  21. Thanks for this, but I'm still getting errors :/ This time, it sees the v80 in the project settings, but I'm still not able to build..
  22. I swear I did that, but I must've made a mistake somewhere. Do you have visual studio 2010 installed as well?
  23. Have you tried building Emca's H5 extender? I'm having trouble. I can't find a v80 platform toolset that works, I've been trying for a while now. Or am I missing something obvious?
  24. Thanks, I'll give it a try :) I managed to decompile/compile a version just before I saw your post, but I appreciate the help!