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  1. something like: knex('user_auth') .insert({ CONVERT(BINARY(16), 'pass', 1), quiz1, quiz2, CONVERT(BINARY(16), 'answer1', 1), CONVERT(BINARY(16), 'answer2', 1), }); what would the query look like?
  2. How to crypt password using L2Crypt.js? I have the error: "message": "Implicit conversion from data type nvarchar to binary is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.", how to solve? I use KNEX
  3. It worked. I was using an old function that was not encrypting correctly ... Thank you very much...
  4. Hello everyone; I'm starting in the world of Lineage 2 OFF (interlude) and would like to know some things ... (if you can). I am developing a panel and I want to create the account for it, but I can not create the user password in the binary value that is needed. How do I create the user password in the format required to be able to enter the game? I am using PHP on my panel. Thanks...