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  1. Thanks for your reply vampir. I see what IFST means. But since there is no script in UIEventManager.uc that indicates the location of the sound file, for example: IFST_WORKSHOP_OPEN=InterfaceSound.workshop_open_01 [An example script that I imagine] Where can I find these scripts? I wanna know this because I couldn't find the sound source file of IFST_TRASH_BASKET from InterfaceSound.uax.
  2. When looked into high five version file named InventoryWnd.uc which is inside of interface.u, I could find scripts like following. PlayConsoleSound(IFST_TRASH_BASKET) I wonder what is the word IFST means and the location of TRASH_BASKET sound file?
  3. Hello, everyone. Currently, I'm working with my high five server developed by As you know, basically, item enchant system in high five doesn't support 'continue' function. ( without it, the whole process became quite inconvenient because every time players have to manually move the weapon or armor item into the empty box in the item enchant frame. So, I wonder the way to add the 'continue' function into the process just like the grand crusade version?(
  4. Hi, guys~ Currently, I'm working on my high five server language translation (English -> Korean). The process was good until I faced the quest NO.419 - GetAPet. Translation of the NPC dialog html was successful but I got stuck at the final stage which is the final 10 questions part to get the wolf. The followings are the sample code from Base source from LINKS.put(1110001, "<a action=\"bypass -h Quest Q00419_GetAPet 30731-14.html\">Can be used for item transportation.</a><br>"); htmltext = getHtm(player.getHtmlPrefix(), htmltext); htmltext = htmltext.replace("<?reply1?>", LINKS.get(linkId + replyOffset1)); htmltext = htmltext.replace("<?reply2?>", LINKS.get(linkId + replyOffset2)); htmltext = htmltext.replace("<?reply3?>", LINKS.get(linkId + replyOffset3)); htmltext = htmltext.replace("<?reply4?>", LINKS.get(linkId + replyOffset4)); htmltext = htmltext.replace("<?reply5?>", LINKS.get(linkId + 5)); The red colored text is the part that I want to do the translation. But when I do so, I got the text broken in the game.
  5. I tried, but that doesn't work. When I changed the number to characters, itemname-e.dat file cannot be saved properly. It only allow me to change the item name by changing the sid numbers. That's why I wanna know where is the name_sid number info file.
  6. Hello guys~ I wonder how can I fix the item name in Grand Crusade version? Well, I actually know how to do it in H5. But in GC system, it only shows the item ID and name-sid, and I couldn't find sid information in the system folder.
  7. I already tested that way before I post here... any ideas friends?
  8. I've checked both gameserver, loginserver console log, couldn't find something strange... Loginserver console Gameserver console
  9. Hi, everyone. I tried to build up a Helios server based on the opensource from L2JUnity. Database, server... all is good but stuck in the final step. I could pass the ID/PW login step, but when I tried to enter the server (, it paused for few second and I was forced to return to the login step ( I tried several helios systems but faced same problem, however, my H5 server works well without any trouble. Followings are my configs of gameserver, loginserver, ipconfig, and l2.ini. Gameserver config Login Server config Ipconfig L2.ini
  10. Problem solved. Thank you for your advise Solomun. Lock please.
  11. Now I even tried to copy hexid file and HexID to the gameserver config and gameservers.sql but the result that I got is an error.( I wonder if there is anyway to register gameserver without using RegisterGameServer.bat? or If anybody can send me a good working gradle project of l2j's Master server & datapack?