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  1. u is bad administrator, need rip web site of others persons ahaha bad bad! and u server have full bugs!
  2. I've been working on my server for over a year now and would have been releasing it in August, but this guy came and got my site that I had never used without knowing how, even the Strain that made the site for me is not understanding! L2Mythras is not a me person! Soon we will bring something of truth to you! Best regards Antonio C.
  3. como tem coragem de usar site dos outros sem permição, BRASILEIRO SAFADO rippando meu site que nem foi usado ainda feito pelo Strain. E muita cara de pau mesmo gente safada... não joguem este servidor pois o dono é safado e corrupto! EN as you have the courage to use others' site without permission, BRASILEIRO SAFADO ripping my site that neither was used yet made by Strain. And a lot of guy face, same dirty people ... do not play this server because the owner is naughty and corrupt!
  4. Hello Guys i need support to create a new custom slot item in l2off vanganth! i pay for this service Thanks Contact me on Inbox
  5. Hello Guys i need help in Vanganth Source Files! How to reactive slot type "FACE" ? u can help me in this problem ? http://prntscr.com/jt5n14
  6. Does anyone here have a tutorial on how to add the information of the smartguard plugin in the source L2OFF Vanganth?