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  1. Bro the website is down. Edit: i pressed the link on first page that is l2jhellas.info (this is old one) Someone need to update the post with exact info. Worked link: https://l2jhellas.com/
  2. Hello, Is it ok for live server with rates and features like l2gold?
  3. Welcome to Lineage II Domination! We are glad to present you our server, much more active and improved than ever ! We are currently working too hard to make server balanced and enjoyable ! You should also register in our forum so you will be able to be aware of any updates or announcements about the server! Remember to Vote for us every 12 hours and respect server rules ! Staff and other : Admin : [Admin]TvNiSp* GM: [GM]RuLLezZ* Patch Settings : Custom Glows , Eula Main Town = Giran Rates : Xp : x3000 Adena : x3000 Enchant : Safe : 7 Max Weap +20 Max Armor +