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  1. yes it is shared, you can go and get the latest commit of l2jhellas, absolute just reworked geo engine
  2. A guy told me it's a friend of his that works with him in the fx channel or smth..i dunno
  3. The static class gave me cancer...Use task manager in acis, the "else" isn't really needed but it's not going to cause problems either...
  4. i don't know who boorio is :P but yeah that's what i meant...
  5. If you want to make it "permanent" without messing olympiad add it in enterworld
  6. https://www.webtropia.com/en/vps-hosting/vps-comparison.html Even the vps server Medium which costs 10 euros/month is enough , then again you can scale up depending on your needs!
  7. mallon esi den eides kala, s leei einai mikros alla ayto den simenei oti kapoios tha to kanei tsampa...
  8. I personally am using git and i have used in every team i have ever joined you have a nice way of twisting words...It is better BUT as i said earlier it's not for l2j community for users like frozen or hellas.Those project have the "get it ready" m.o. they want to checkout compile and run and most of them have no idea of programming to be honest.That's why after moving to git frozen's pull requests were in an all time low...( we had already spoken of this issue when i joined them and they admit it was a mistake). P.S. off topic how is overwatch should i buy it?
  9. Worst thing that frozen did was transferring svn to github, not because it's not better but for better or worst the majority of l2j community are "github illiterate" so everyone ended up using the 1004 rev or smth that was on their svn.
  10. Distixos exete katastrepei tin enoia tou dev...Apantisi den iparxei se ayto pou rwtas, ola exoun ta problimata tous kai ola theloun douleia...
  11. I honestly would have helped acis ( i wouldn't be as much of a help back then as i would be now) but i reeeally want to avoid your freemium system, and grind my way up to code access... Also i am not aware of any offer you made to any hellas team member ?!?!?!
  12. I was wondering when you were going to pop up :P why drive any car if it's not a lambo? ;)
  13. uhm i am sorry i didn't link any TEI.You are sure that they don't give a shit about software engineering just like you were sure 2 minutes ago that it didn't even existed? Please gtfo