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  1. Please bare with me on this one! :forever alone like a boss: So here it is an event engine named Zodiac currently contains 5 events(to be expaned) CaptureThem CastleWars PeloponnesianWar ProtectTheLeader Treasure Chests Sample: Bug fixes(from the separate events) ip protection system Time between events Initial start timer config about the reward that the players will be recieving You know how the event engines work so i won't make a big ass desicription, although pictures will follow once i get unbored from coding enjoy! Also: -Yes i will update it with mor events bug fixing -it is coded in l2jhellas but it is easily editable i won't help with bugs caused by your adoption proccess http://www.4shared.com/office/mjvhqE0X/ZodiacV4.html? V4 :not bad: :not bad: V2 Version: Bug fixin in Peloponnesian War Protectors Optimized Voting method optimized(will help feature updates) Html work Moved htmls to zodiac folder V3 Version: Added the same ip protection config Hard coded 2 htmls the voting one and the total votes Now after you vote an html will pop up with all the votes! (Pictures added) V4 Version: PeloponnesianWar bug fixed reported by Liquix New event added (Treasure Chests) Added config on how many minutes should the voting take place Small reworks!
  2. :-beep- yeah: :-beep- yeah: Links: Forum: www.l2jhellas.info Svn: https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/l2hellas/trunk/ Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/code/l2hellas/subversion/changesets Compiled Pack: Revision 476 Team: (With the place they joinned the project) Boorinio Nightwolf AbSoLuTePoWeR Goals: Our goal is to provide a stable and free Interlude pack with many custom configs so you can choose from a big variety (what to enable and what not).I will provide a sample of the features in the next segment of the topic. Features: Events CTF Event Raidboss Event Death Match Event Hitman Event TvT Event VIP Event Chaos Event Peloponnesian War Capture Them Treasure Chests Castle Wars Protect The Leader Custom Configs And Mods PvP/PK Color System Faction Good vs Evil Stuck Subs mod Custom Voice Commands Advanced PM System Vote System PvP Rank System Advanced Community Board Automatation Configs Siege Reward Engine Various Flood Protectors Npc Crest Anti Bot System Note: This is just a small sample of what l2jhellas can provide!! How can i help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to register in our forum(links above) and give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well.That way you will help us grow stronger and keep providing you a stable and free interlude pack. Thanks for your time please be nice keep the topic clean ( :dat: ) and have a nice day! Ps Project bug reports in our forum not here!