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  1. Dont know if the right section i have looking everywhere and cant find i m looking for the noblesse debuff and the skills cancelled animation if someone can share it will be greatfull
  2. Hello guys as im noob on making scripts i will ask if someone can share few scripts for mid rate servers such as tts q farming lets say mos if dead taking buffs and go again something like this ones i would be greatfull
  3. Hello guys Decide to start on la2axe we are 3 now we are recuitinig peoples from the start Max : memebers 6-10 not more leave your skype below and i will contact you as soon as i see it Thanks
  4. As I dont see any forum on the web site i decide to write here Clan TakingOver recuiting peoples from the start you can send me a messange here leaving a skype or o contact See you tomorrow :))
  5. Im selling this eune account because i got my main one ..the price is 15 $ the cheapest one contact on messenge
  6. Hello guys im searching for a good pwlist for cracking if someone got 1 let me know
  7. Hello guys can someone of you giveaway a league of legends account ? i dont care about region i need to a lot champions if someone of all you is a good guy i wiil do something good for him
  8. thank you sanctuss for reply my topic the thing is that i dont know to use it the cracker for that i post there maybe some1 can help me if you have something let me know thank you..
  9. Hello maxcheaters world im looking for a league of legends account with some champion's i dont care about the level i need just champions to play and have fun..If someone of you here can help and giveaway a account that you dont use it i will be greatfull thank you and waitting for anything good :)
  10. Hello Cray-z i have a little i need a little help with the program can you help me thank you
  11. it stopped again at 86 % if i close it and open again it will start from begining
  12. The Installation its continue it stopped at 40 % but i think was my network now its at 80 % ..i updated microsoft .Net Framework to 4.0 up i didnt Updated Adobe air so should i do it after the Installation ends?
  13. Hello guys and thank you for help ..I instaled win 7 ultimate but still i cant instal LoL The Installation stop's at end and send me a error message if you can help me add me on skype wrong.turn40 so we can talk there thank you
  14. i did it but nothing still i deleted the launcher and opened the admin launcher instal goes to 32 % and found a error so best way is instal windows 7 ..