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  1. Price represents the Quality of provided service. There is some (LEGIT BOOSTER's) with smaller price's but after they finish your order in about max 1 week you losing your Account for using a 3rd Part Software LMAO
  2. an account needs 6-8 days 24/7 playing to be done w/o boost hands made they says. 14 days insurance/recovery except if account was banned for exploits/3rd part programms hahahaha its a 101% no money back. accounts was been made this season but they was safe for 8 months hmmmm 1st May 2016 season started 26 Jan ? seems Legit :D Im not offensive but its abuse logic :D I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. A. EINSTEIN
  3. "...............
  4. since its cracked version and every cracked version will be detectable and u'll get soon ban. For the records 20 eu costs unlimeted 30 days license working on any server, undetectable on NCSOFT servers till todays update :D cracked version dont work already on most servers ONE SOLUTION GO OFF FREE CHEESE WILL BE SERVED ONLY IN THE TRAP
  5. Btw THNX MAXCHEATERS Community for Reporting to RITO about accounts but u failed :D
  6. ye sure i dont give a f@ck actually cause since i posted list with summoners names for sale few days later all those accounts was been banned. so gtfo and no more accounts info would given public
  7. Sophus cry more about Guids etc etc etc. If u are such smart ass go and get those accounts. 100% Positive Feedback. Fast Delivery. Those "maybe" and "if" pfff "IF" my grandma had a penis "MAYBE" she could be grandpa ;) @sanctus a "German" flag on profile works like a RED one for those Greeks NVM its another 1 Ellinas "MALAKAS" (me terastia grammata gia stenomyala SCHWULIES san kai esena Sophus)
  8. Anyone who interests would get any prove he want but private , using Skype TeamViewer etc etc We have already enough good fellas here who are happy to report each other. + if there will be interest we could use Midleman. Also i have 100% positive feedback on Playerauctions.com (dont use it anymore cause of high fees)
  9. WTS EUW Gold 5 Acc 94 Champs 15 Skins Skins: http://prntscr.com/90etsq Check My Other Topics for Contact Info
  10. SOLD OUT. But couple accounts was been banned cause someone here reported me to RIOT. Nice community :D