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Found 111 results

  1. Hello good people and better cheaters . Anyone know good bot that works on official NCSoft Lineage 2 Classic server? I am playing at Giran server. There are many bots that farm there 24/7 without getting banned for it. And I think they are using L2 Adrenaline. I need something like that, free version (if possible). Leave your suggestions here kind sirs and ladies.
  3. Hello! On our website you can find Bots, multiboxes, radars for Lineage II \ ArcheAge. But cuz this topic is about L2, so I wanna present: L2 Bot Adrenalin - bot for Lineage 2 : official version 2.11++ (not cracked) Supports all chronicles from Interlude and finish Helios, including L2Classic (RU+EU), so it works on most of freeshards and 100% on official servers. Bypass LameGuard, Frost, hGuard, GameGuard. Unlim version bypass SmartGuard too. Script Engine make possible to automatize adena farm 24\7: L2 Adrenalin API (Script engine docs with examples) Price: ENG lang keys - 20$ per month | RU lang keys ~12.5$ per month upd: Now you can buy some ready to use scripts \ plugins for L2 Adrenalin bot Script Recorder - plug-in helps u to make ur own scripts and scan bypasses [ FREE! ] TT Resipes Quests - plug-in automatically makes quests for TT jewelry recipes Enchanter - plug-in for automatically enchanting weapon \ armour \ jewlery Augmenter - plug-in for automatically augmentation and finding needed effects (skills \ stats \ etc) Auction - plug-in for buying items from Auction House Auto Backstab - PvP script which helps to use "Backstab" when you behind your target Bard's Mandolin - script for automatically making Bard's Mandolin quest Hunter - universal return to spot plug-in with additional features [ IN DEVELOPMENT.. ] You can use Scripts Updater [by farmwl] (Adrenaline/Scripts/..) for downloading all scripts and plug-ins to your PC: NexTarget - best radar for Lineage 2 : have a lot of PvP functions, custom scripts and vidgets ASI WIN [Lineage II] - multibox for official servers (including L2Classic RU+EU) Supports only official servers. Doesn't work on freeshards Most payment methods are working via (including PayPal), so u will get keys instantly after payment. WebMoney BL 180+
  5. Hey guys i need little help for this captcha system need scrip for Adrenaline . thx you !
  6. How does it works? our system automatically pop-up validation window to characters oscillating around specified number of killed monsters, in order to verify possible bots use. player have to match randomly generated colours within <also> randomly chosen patterns (time is limited). forgive me guys, but since now any instant changes or system updates will be available only for acis customers. authors: credits: @Agent @Rootware @Caparso @Hasha @SweeTs @Tryskell our main provisions: does not require to be fluent in a foreign language, as simple as possible. insurmountable by nowadays programs used to inject bots. does not affecting existing source (just few necessary lines), no external libs are needed. punishment selection (move to nearest town, kick from the server, put to the jail or ban character). configurable validation time. code preview? check it out on pastebin. bots_prevention_v1.1.diff html/mods/necessary images How does software see content? <html><title>Bots prevention</title><body><center><br><br><img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width="256" height="32"><br><br><font color="a2a0a2">in order to prove you are a human being<br1>you've to</font> <font color="b09979">match colours within generated pattern:</font><br><br><img src="Crest.crest_1_9903795" width="32" height="32"></td></tr><br><br><font color=b09979>click-on pattern of your choice beneath:</font><table><tr><td><button action="bypass -h report_0" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1978" fore="Crest.crest_1_1978"></td><td><button action="bypass -h report_1" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1970" fore="Crest.crest_1_1970"></td><td><button action="bypass -h report_2" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1975" fore="Crest.crest_1_1975"></td><td><button action="bypass -h report_3" width=32 height=32 back="Crest.crest_1_1971" fore="Crest.crest_1_1971"></td></tr></table></center></body></html>
  7. We are looking for bot allowed (l2net mostly) low rate server with my friends,like "" who had its times and now is finished. We like mostly Gracia chronicles and dedicated staff. If there is a server like that please give us a link or future server owners think about creating one because there is a big gap in that kind!
  8. A few years ago I started playing Lineage 2 and its a great game, meanwhile I created this bot that should work on every server (private and official) because it´s undetectable by GameGuard or any other game protection as it does not inject network packets or modifies memory addresses. This bot works by reading pixels from the game window and sending keystrokes to simulate the player. It has been tested alot by me and a few other friends of mine but it was never made public, until now. Features? Save/Load settings to different files and keep a file for each class. Configure a set of function keys (attack keys) to simulate with a repeat delay. Configure self buffs to use with a repeat delay . Various options to auto-target the next monster, including your own custom target list. Unlimited actions that are executed according to your own conditions (eg: If HP is less than 80% do some skill or click some button). Let the bot automatically send status messages to your main account by setting the nickname of the player which will receive the messages. Set commands to be repeatedly executed within a determined delay. How does it work? Before the bot can do anything you have to tell him which L2 window it will control, this allows you to have multiple instances of the bot running on the same computer, each one controlling a different L2 window. To associate the window to the bot, just click the “Select L2 Window” button, and now you have 5 seconds to select the correct L2 window (the bot will make a beep sound when the window is successfully associated). Warning - When the bot associates the L2 Window it will reset the user interface to the default positions (ALT-L). It needs to do this because it will read the pixels form theirs default positions. After having the window selected, just click the “Start/Stop Bot” button or press the “PAUSE” key on your keyboard to make it run or stop. Download (v1.5) L2FarmBot (1.18 MB) Feel free to try it on, if you feel like something is missing or find any bugs, please give some feedback. Also, this bot is completely free. If you like it and want to support the development, I am always in need of coffee.
  9. Hi, i'm looking for a BOT, interlude servers only. I need helping setting it up A - Z, I am willing to put an extra coin for it as well, PM me your offers. AdrenalineBOT is not an option. / Gore
  10. CSGO [V5.83] 13.03.2019 by Ganibal Status: Undetected 13.03.2019 Download: FEATURES: • Triggerbot - autofire or hold key mode, changeable delay • Aim assist - works with automatic weapons • Aimlock - selects the enemy closest to your crosshair and locks onto him. Works well with any weapon, especially the deagle and snipers • GlowESP (wallhack) - teammates (green), enemies (red), blue (vulnerable enemies - not having a firearm equipped, flashed or out of ammo) • Radar hack • No flash hack • Bunny hop
  11. Im using Adrenaline in a server,is there a way or another program that can i use to auto-aug weapons?
  12. The anti bot on the server is called strix guard, Does anyone know how to circumvent this protection?
  13. i was looking for a working bot for tales and ive found this new software.for now it looks allright even tho its still in development (most basic functions are working).they also gave me a free trial so i can test it out and purchase early acesss if i liked it.if someone else is in need of some working program for tales ill leave there infos here. Supported Lineage 2 Chronicles: Interlude & High Five Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 Payment Methods: PayPal, Skrill Price: 6.99EUR / monthly Skype live:therealronin forum
  14. Looking for a bot option for L2 classic server (, Adrenalin not working atm, so I'm looking for a working option. It can be paid idm. Regards.
  15. where can i find a bot to c1 server?? like l2 firebird and other question, where can i find official bot to work fine in c4?? thnks at all!!!!!
  16. !!!NEW SEASON 31/07/2015, FRIDAY, 18:00 GMT +2 ON L2DAMAGE!!!! Farm Script + L2NET Bot (including Connection Tutorial) Server: -> based on L2NET -> SmartGuard bypassed (works with the L2Damage system v3.0 patch) -> professionally self-made code -> with Anti-Captcha!!! -> automatic respawn when your bot has been killed -> automatic rebuff Picture: Condition of your character when captcha-message has been spawned. After your purchase, you won't have this problem anymore. You will be able to lean back while your bot is farming recourses. Generally, it is really worth to own this bot because it is more efficient and you will earn a lot of LS / BOGs / adenas after just a few hours. It is worth more than donations! Price: 25 EURO (including the code, L2NET software, guides, 1x free code update and support until your bot is working correctly and you are satisfied) Offering bypass services for other servers too !!! Just send me a request with your server and kind of protection. (a picture would be nice) Informations Feel free to write me. I'll do my best, as far as possible to answer your questions as accurately as possible. Any proofs may be sent in demand. Your purchases will support me and keep my work up. Payment methods I only accept iTunes credits. Contact You can contact me at maxcheaters or skype (DeMeNs0s DeMeNs0s)
  17. How to bypass smartguard protection without paid adrenaline version?
  18. Description L2J-Robot is an emulator of the client of Lineage2 Interlude that aims to provide the user certain comforts and tools such as artificial intelligence for the automation of the acquisition of experience and elements of the game among other features that are in development. Screen Shots Login Main Systems * System to view inventory and items equipped. * System to see passive and active skills. * System to see the stats of the character. * System to read and write in the chat. * System to move around the map and interact with the different objects of the game. * Ai system customized by classes (in development) Project Forum
  19. LEAGUE BOT Designed with the latest technologies and most advanced techniques, this bot and scripts will destroy your enemies! It is a tool for League of Legends, it adds a few features and script support. We offer a large scene community - Join us. Ensure the Efficiency Scripts like SBTW (Spacebar-To-Win) will automatically do the full combo to a target enemy and ensure the kill. Time after time. Cross-Realm Fully optimized for all realms: NA, EU, PBE, SEA, BR, KOR, VIET, CHINA Just one click is needed to switch. Script Support There are tons of free champion scripts coming with BoL. But you can also code or edit scripts for your own purposes with ease! Minimap-Hack Never lose the awareness of your enemies anymore! With the Minimap-Hack implented, you're able to see your enemies last position. Zoom-Hack To the moon and back! Sky is the limit! Zoom out as much as you want and get a better overview over the map! A nice advantage, especially for people with small resolutions. Skin-Hack Make use of any skin in the game! Regardless of availability or legacy status, you can use every skin for free! UFO Corki, Urf Warwick, Foxfire Ahri, ...
  20. bot is working in
  21. Hi, Anyone can share script for anticapcha on L2Damage?
  22. Here is my L2 Tower...its working fine with unlimited time... REMEMBER NEVER UPDATE IT!!! You can download it But press thanks or u are a Leacher! Thank you. I will keep post intresting thinks Here is the Virus Total Test : Winrar Password is : Download Here :!FJNxQTgQ!fklP4R2eYw...IlUkbys7Wk
  23. WTS ADENA ON L2EVIL.NET 2017 10DC = 0.5eu 1b adena = 1eu for more info pm me on skype: AdenaEU
  24. WTS Adena/DP on L2TALES Good vs Evil x20 30DP = 1eu. stock: 300DP ---------------------------------------------- 1b = 1eu stock of adena: 10kkk For more info use skype: AdenaEU Payment methods:
  25. WTS BOT FOR L2TALES Good vs Evil x20 for more info skype: adenaeu