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  1. Thanks Celestine :) I thought that there is some interface with some sort of farm..
  2. Do you know any l2interface which does auto farm? I would want to go to these guys, even if i like the interface i saw on youtube...
  3. I'm wondering if Elfen is a legit guy to buy neophren from. I had a chat with him about Neophren which costs 20$ and it`s a lifetime access. However, he doesn`t have any website or something to prove that it is working etc. Any ideas guys? Thanks
  4. I`m looking for a legitimate interface which i can bot with. Instead of using l2 Adrenaline i would like to use the interface instead. Please do let me know which one are available and from where i can purchase it. Thanks
  5. I`m looking to buy a bot for Eglobal Reborn ( interlude ) or an Adrenaline License which might work there? Does anyone know how to bot there?