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  1. You are to late with this sale, all already leaving tales. Redsky, Ava, Averia, Nemesis soon.
  2. We all have fun by flaming them, but if someone would hack them, he wont stop for 450$, when Vercetti is earning more in 1 hour from DP, adena etc.
  3. Looks like server down, so probably adena sellers got angry:)
  4. Well done people, lets show all we got vs Vercetti. Dont let him earn another Euros.
  5. 100% agree, most corrupted server i every see. Ban adena sellers, ban ppl who have lot of adena, cause they can try to sell it, so better prevent it before they try.
  6. i said i havent botted, and they can check my logs from all characters, IP or what they want.
  7. i made my adena by selling and buying DP, yesterday they boosted price from 80kk to 140kk, so i earned around 30kkk in 2 hours, and its the reason of my ban, cause i shifted adena to show that i can buy lot of DP. Ofc some trash noob got mad, cause he have 500kk, so he wrote to GM, and this idiot didnt even check logs, just ban because of having to much adena. I wrote to DEV, he unbanned me, and admin banned me again. Dev said that he wont unban me even if there will be nothing in logs, cause Vercetti dont agree. ITS SIMPLE, You have to much? You must pay for it!, Vercetti must have % fr
  8. I got banned for nothing, or for having to much adena so i can flame this server now:P 1. There was Adena bug, that for example adena.depot was using after start. Buying sword for 70k, changing with kamael and selling for 1kk, or craft C grade duals and crystalize to 800k cry C (single duals). (pm me for screens) 250kk per hour for every char without leaving town. 2. Ronin bot is working for all clients, L2adrenalin is working for 1st client or 6 clients if You have private A.dll (pm me for screens) 3. Multibox + cracked adrenalin working (Clan Tornado reported, but they dont care about
  9. Looking for Multibox that works for Tales. Paying up to 200$ Paypal!
  10. Im still looking for smartguard multibox. Paying well. Also intrested in advanced scripts like soa party farm, freya, zaken instance farm, and level up scripts
  11. Pm or write me at Skype with script / multibox prices. Paying good by PayPal!
  12. Noone with multibox for smartguard? Paying 100 $ PayPal. Can be hwid locked
  13. Like topic says. Wtb multibox bypass for smartguard, tales etc. I need also advanced scripts (all full auto) soa 24/7 farm, auto 1-85 etc. Paying good by PayPal. Paying up to 200$ for multibox, can be hwid locked to my PC. Skype : mmateuszz16 (Poland )