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  1. WTB Interlude (c6) Walker OOG bot. I will pay 20$USD or best offer. All the links I have found here and on elitepvp are dead. I know someone has this in their archives, please help!
  2. AkaDumanisT is the real deal. His Interlude pack is working well, he has been incredibly helpful with setup etc. Will definitely be using him for other services as needed.
  3. Looking to buy L2OFF C2 or C3. Prefer to buy from someone that understands what they're selling (has worked on it.) I'm a developer looking to play with and maybe run a new server that will be closer to vanilla (not many extra features, I am more concerned with stability.) I want something with exploits and crashes fixed (or at least some knowledge of their status) and I'm willing to pay for it. I must be able to test the product first and must be able to have source. Reply here or pm me if you want offer to be private. I will reply to this topic to close it when I hav