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  1. Admin When u will ubann my Vip Account admin i dont understand why u never answear i do nothing give my account back or tell why i do nothing and i loose my vip account MY Account : D0zer
  2. witch this one we can join gameguard server ????
  3. LOOKIN FOR DEV for start new project h5 server i have server pack , I have Machine host all i need a dev who want work witch me for new project work on java my pack basic on l2j i need thats dev add thing work on fixes and for this all i will give him 50% of this project if any have intress pm me here
  4. whatz going on here in old website i can log my vip account on all works and if u try in new is not working is banned wtf ??? can u help
  5. So admin u will unbann me i do nothing wrong i need my account back D0zer
  6. Admin ??????u will answear me ??unbann my account i dont know why u banned so tell me
  7. Admin if i do what wrong tell me i know 100% i do nothing wrong why no answear me pls tell me i never do here nothing i pay for vip account and use it normal
  8. i say i cant login my account my account was hacked check ip last login in this account and u will see its not me i realy dont know why banned
  9. why banned i do nothing wrong i was long time not login here 3-4 month
  10. D0zer Vip account is hacked admin help me pls my vip account D0zer is hacked i cant login dont know how i can show u thats i am realy use i have payment screen from my paypal all infos what u need pls help me