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  1. Nevermind, I already found 'em here http://www.aden-territory.com/
  2. I'm looking for these maps http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=4559.0 Unfortunately, all links are down, can any1 give me a hand here? TY
  3. I heard from a lot of ppl using it.. I will always love l2walker, but it doesn't work on most servers, and I don't get along bery well with l2net.. I'm gonna try it later
  4. I used it a lot and got no problems with it.. Maybe it's because it has to siff packets between client and server, and the antivirus detect it as not safe... Anyway, use it at your own risk, also most bugs don't work anymore
  5. I had a friend who got that problem.. Don't remember if he had to delete a file or just try repairing the installation.
  6. Nice tips for new players.. but I think you could detail it a little more... GJ anyways ^^
  7. It seems really cool ! I can't find the region part. I started playing LAS (Latin America), got any idea?
  8. I gotta try it later ! Seems pretty cool !
  9. This works on intherlude? I'm trying to login to an interlude server but it says wrong username or password.. I'm not having this problem with v384 Interlude.. If it supports interlude, how do I set it?
  10. Wow, this is useless but it's very cool.. I wouldn't have enough pacience/talent to do it.. you say 15k items? I would get bored after the 3rd item I throw ! GJ, nice skill you got there ! I really like homer, pikachu and trunks ^^
  11. I love C4, but I prefer mid rates... x7 or x10, even x15. I don't usually play low rate servers, I used to play x1 and don't want to do it again :P
  12. I don't know if they're epic.. They are really good, but if I have to choose one, it would be the first one against that blitz
  13. 1st CS 1.6 2nd Age of Empires II 3rd DotA If you get bored playing this three games, then go outside and play some Football (soccer)
  14. I think the very first game I played was Jezz ball in a windows 3.11 OS.. don't remember very well.. I also played games like commander keen or some FPS like wolfenstein or doom... I also got games like sir "Addalot", it was a math game, also a puzzles game i think it was named "Jigsaw" or a game based on table games named Play Room or something like that... I really miss that days where I did nothing but play PC :P