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  1. "Creditos Weeken (BreadCrumb Comunidad) kirilgitlsiiejah (GOH In Game)" When you copy/modify someones work, you could at least put him in "Credits". Original version: http://www.piotrzegar.eu/169/Lineage_2_Potion_User_2_2_2_5_2_51_2_6,en.html
  2. IP problems, if everything go well website will be on afternoon...
  3. Some time ago I found a similar thing. To download a file you needed to fill a survey, by doing that you agree to to subscription on your mobile phone. Why this can't work: - It' dont ask for path to L2Tower folder (can't count a md5 ?) - User don't run a game. He only modified L2Tower loader, ingame bot will show license as invalid. But if you don't belive me - check, I got a very nice logs on server side :P Best regards, Clocky
  4. Dude to technical problems (file system crash) webpage maybe be down for 1-3 days...
  5. c0000135 {Unable to locate DLL} //read F.A.Q
  6. You can, website don't have to be ON to play. You just need it to generate license file, once you have it, you can use it even for years...
  7. Update: Added partial support for Goddess of Destruction chronicle.
  8. Easy to say, hard to prove... We track all user mouse & key press inside L2 window, because we need to inject them into CEGUI. Buy the way, why should I log keys when I could use UNetworkHandler:GetUserPassword() method to get your password ? We don't need such data and we don't log it anywhere...
  9. Download, update, run, start l2, use inject into process, login to your char, type //cfg ingame...
  10. I got Win7 x64 and works. Check if script editor works correct (you should see some OK or error message on bottom when you write something), if not then some libs are missing in system.
  11. 1.4 version is out, details in first post...
  12. It detect when you "hook" something in code... And thats a main problem...
  13. /cfg = internal configuration window for all base settings. /xcfg = external configuration window (can be open also via right menu in loader) for configure other advanced settings like mobs lists or potions custom settings.