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  1. Hi, when i choose serwer (oog version) its been writen " 20:46:32 :[ERROR: crash: GameReadThread : Index was outside the bounds of the array." what is it? It is a H5 server, but i have l2net v388 just for Freya. The problem is with my l2net or with some kind of protection? If protecion how to by pass it / Thanks
  2. Mhm, when i put my email : xxxxx@poczta.fm, and click "test" is writen that it cant send email. What i do wrong...?
  3. Hello, on my serwer all gets items for vote (for expample when serwer have 100 votes, all olnine get it), but only 1 per one ip. So i wanted to change ip of all my lineages using an proxy ip, but what program can i use? Can it be profixer? And how its works. Thanks for help.
  4. Like in topic, i have this script to gracia final, but bot dont make agument... Sombody can give me this script for GE? Thx!
  5. Bump! Somebody tell me? Becouse when i put ip it isnt working.
  6. I have question, is the l2net working here? I need fast answer, thanks!
  7. Mhm, If i good understand it, you give him Hd +25 into trade window, so how the same weapon was in the ground?
  8. Like in topic, is this possible, that some servers have it? I'm playing on russian serwer, and in right-up corner wriites "Protected". I think that it is a l2net/l2walker protection, but what you think?
  9. Is this working on theonline.ru ? Becouse they have rpg clubs files, but i dont know about updates, maybe they have before protecion of rpg club?
  10. Sorry for bump, but we still need bot for this server. Any idea?
  11. What's your favourit football club ; d?
  12. Gracia Final TheOnline.ru I need l2net oog for it. Ip: Account: testforbot Password: htzbsxch Problem is when i choose character. Please help me!