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Share L2.NET Interlude-latest support

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To update your client, use the autoupdater Help ==> Check for updates (once out of beta, or else you will need to download the packs manually)





Check http://insane-gamers.com/ for support, guides, scripts and suggestions for the bot.


Please consider donating to the project. We are continously looking to improve the bot. The more donations, the better motivated the devs are.








Frame Networks 4.0 required



Check Here for the download links




Installation instructions:


New installation:

Extract all the files from l2net.rar into a new folder, run L2NetUpdater.exe.



Run L2NetUpdater.exe or update l2net from help -> check for updates.

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not me, slothmo :P... bot currently works on a donation base. Takes a shit loads of time to make, anything sent is a nice thank you and appreciated. Even if its just 1 dollar.


Thanks for the sticky, i'll keep this thread up to date.

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post the error log it gives you... seems like the server is closing connection though. No gameguard maybe?


This is the error:

:[Killing all network connections

:[ERROR: crash: GameReadThread : Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.



I don`t have game guard because i use oog this bot. Is possible to give me the solution?


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Seems like you killed the threads, on that one anyways... well why dont you go post in the forums, and add as much info as you can.

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