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  1. u have more script? i interesting!!!!
  2. hi , what farm in hellbound or only EXP in other pj?
  3. hello good work H5 last revision, and I loaded the new mobs LOA someone could help or give me some explanation of why no such new areas secargan LOA, and I've seen them in many servers H5 thanks H5 datapack_beta
  4. ok thanks, I get it at the end but could improve as the mana potions in the game server where to put the script to work, it takes mana potions in a row, you could modify it to take them to 50% or 25%? thanks again
  5. pls need help i need run script plz any help me need to change something in the script?
  6. u can help use i noob XDpass to pass plz ty for all