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  1. Bring reputation points back like they were before. If somebody posts an helpful guide, a good share or smthng.. reward them with a reputation point. I got no idea why this even got removed >.> It doesnt cost you money.. but it does show some appreciation to the ppl who actually try to make new content Greetz ^^
  2. From the moment i quit playing l2, i've told my friends i'd come back on l2 the moment a server is worth playing :p Didn't play l2 for over a year now ^_^
  3. Yee... they're all old scripts or parts from old scripts :p But well, they worked fine for me ^_^ saved me hours of time. I don't play lineage anymore (sadly enough) server's around arn't worth playing xD Will forward it to some friends of me who do still play. Sorry again, and great work :p
  4. As i also wrote in the topic, yes i didnt give all the credits... bcs its a mix up from a lot of scripts that i found over the years. Since i intended to only use em for personal use, i didnt keep record of all the owners where i used scripts or parts of scripts from. As mentioned in my topic: Some scripts i have for years.. so i can't give proper credits to all of the creators. Most scripts i got came straight from L2Net forum (http://www.insane-gamers.com/) and I editted them to my needs. As for credits inside the scripts... they're old scripts that i don't even use anymore (or rarely) I didnt check them all before posting them here.. Sorry about that, I tried to give as much credits as possible.. just couldn't find all pieces or codes right away. If ppl (.. long time ago alrdy) didnt ask for the scripts i used, i wouldn't even have shared them here. Topic will be editted with the proper credits to you in a second, if u like i take the download link down :P Edit: About the skillenchant script, it messed up a lot for me ... if i remember well (i didnt play l2 for 1.5 year now or so) it sometimes didnt recognize when a skill enchanted successfully or it didnt. So sometimes the script was enchanting to for example +10, while the skill was still at +5.
  5. disable adblock before going to mxc, then enable it when u're on the forum and add it to the exceptions. Just temp solution, but still have adblock on other sites, just not here
  6. Agreed, however, if you pause it before going to mxc, then enable is when u're on mxc and add only this website to the exceptions. Atleast we dont have to pause it every time then :p
  7. Worlds started ^_^ Twitch already lagging so use http://www.azubu.tv/index.do#
  8. Ezrael trinity force so strong O.O Guess blue ez can dissapear again xD
  9. Got a feeling the asians got an answer for them tho Btw Hey chucky :p
  10. I am out of the Lineage scene for a bit now, but i've done a lot of client editing in the past.. and it's not possible to make for High5 However, there is a way with bot programs (I know pvpsuite from l2tower has it and... theres some script for l2net that has it too, l2net one is for freya tho) As far as client edits go, you can only show dmg on screen untill Interlude. Heres an old guide from me using L2Lige, its kinda a user-friendly program that shows the most important things you can do with l2fileedit etc. But as i said, it doesnt work for clients above interlude. > http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=189203.0
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