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  1. He's right about the noob flooder proggies tho. Everyone and their mom is recompiling source (prob someone else's) flooders with multiple socket connections and think they're pro. This is another one..... it's a script kiddie prog imo... it should be hid for -100000 posts....
  2. if you are so good, ddos me. I anxiously await your packets.
  3. That's kinda messed up don't you think? Why should you have to pay for a bot program that's rarely updated, except the login and connection packets, can't click on the 2d map to move without being banned, and is detected in 90% of servers? Do you like to pay to be ripped off or put in prison/jail in real life? That's not logical, EDIT oh I just now noticed your (-) next to those ;) haha anyways, I hate L2W. Just voicing my hate for it ;) Oh I know why, greedy ass money loving people...... (if you wanna call them that) L2.Net FTW.. imo it's was easier to setup and learn than walker wa
  4. Ugh Interlude, I don't do interlude..... It's too old and all I do is l2j 2.2 2.3 and gracia plus, epilogue..... Your best bet is to check out the l2.net forums , they have a ton of people willing to help you with interlude servers, and also have a custom build for l2.net for interlude... Sorry and Good luck.
  5. What server? Either post the info for it here or send myself or Mpj123 a PM with the server info. I will be glad to check it out for you.
  6. lol the noob , Pinchaso did it! :D But it's a nice trick. Could script this very easily.
  7. Ohhhhhh Binladen's server, My NEW FAVORITE HACK , SCRIPT SERVER, binladen is a fuking idiot. Ill fix this script up and post any and all scripts having to do with this crap server , and crap owner, on L2.net's forums
  8. I made WABY on and for 32 bit operating systems. Never designed or tested on 64 bit architecture . If it works on Vista or 7 Great! If not , you're $*@& outta luck :)
  9. Yeah, getting the same. But earlier I looked at the module and played with it! Very nice little tool..... Thx
  10. OMG stop quoting and copying and pasting the WHOLE script over and OVER again for different images! All you need to post is the WORDTODRAW STRING , friggin nabs, this thread is almost unreadable now... lol DEFINE String WordToDraw "1111111111111111111111000000000000011111*1111111111111111111111000000000000011111*1111111111111111111111000000000000011111*1111111111111111111111000000000000011111*0000000000000000011111000000000000011111*0000000000000000011111000000000000011111*0000000000000000011111000000000000011111*0000000000000000011111000000000000011111*0000000000000000011111000000
  11. Yeah, There is more servers out there with these aio items in them tho. And a lot are exploitable :) Wish I found this awhile back, woulda been nice to use it during a siege or something! LOL TP right to the engraving gem :)
  12. Another first by L2.net and Me, trixy. Auto Enchant Skills, Normal Enchant, This is as far as I am aware the first release of a script like this for L2.net. So it's kind of a "beta" so to speak. It works perfectly fine, and I've tested it tons. Just a prelude of what is to come with future skill enchanting scripts from L2.NET. You can DOWNLOAD it from the link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/70/skillenchant.jpg http://ltwonet.com/showthread.php?5514-AUTO-SKILL-ENCHANT-NOT-SAFE-ENCHANT