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  1. Hey guys, since my other post was rudely locked: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/192338-l2net-source-code/ I just came here to let you know there is no virus in this, but if you really think there is, simply don't download it. The source can be modified to run on L2.NET again, I'm sure it's not that hard for any semi-competent coder. This is a very powerful tool. Hope someone can either learn from it or revive it.
  2. If anyone wants to take it over, nows the chance. https://mega.co.nz/#!N0VyFR5J!jcutzTUeedcRg1JLIC6zSTply4UM6dLm3VJGGnmP0mk
  3. try ophcrack(google it, it's on sourceforge). Burn it to a CD/dvd/usb, press f8 in bootup to choose your boot device. Let it run. If your IT is any good they would of changed their security, otherwise tada, you now know the admin password they originally used. This is illegal unless it's your hardware, so don't get caught.
  4. why not use something like PB HW spoofer? That should bypass it.
  5. there is an anti-captcha setting in the setup menu, try that
  6. I was only looking out for your well being. Good luck in life :), I know there's some good inside that little heart of yours. I've seen it! PS. You really should let the small things go, I was only trying to help you figure out your problem. Hard to look at a snippet (which had no sleeps) and then get ringed out after the user posts the part with the sleep part in it. But O.K. I must of been at fault. :)
  7. trust me, I always wanted to keep this updated, but they took away my edit rights after i went from a mod to a legendary member... funny how I was stripped of my privs after 3 years of service. And it took 3 more years of legendary member bitching until they re-added our rights. There's a legendary member forum, and it was literally littered with bitching about no edit rights.
  8. create an outline of your room using the bounding polygon, simply go to each corner of the room, and click on "add current location" to create the box or shape needed. And then go to the targeting tab, and make sure the radio button called "In Box" is checked (all the buttons to the left should be checked)
  9. hmm? L2.NET detects that as well, it blacklists mobs that are untargettable. You can change the time delay before it blacklists in the options.
  10. I cant tell you for sure, but I believe you can stay logged in town and not get banned... maybe?
  11. L2Walker IG would be easier to make work on RPG... unless we can figure out the new opcode encryption key. Then L2.NET only needs to add a new editable box for it (I think Its already in tbh)
  12. go to insane-gamers.com and download everything we mention. You should also try downloading the slimdx SDK if you are still having trouble.
  13. If its on retail, we are still working on finding out how they are detecting bots in general... but most L2J servers are safe to use L2.NET on.
  14. I have a theory in mind to fix this bot protection, but there is going to be lots of tweaking and packet analysis before I can create a prototype. I will need a bit of the community's help in order to do this. In the L2NET directory, find the folder called Text, delete all the old logs Char name: Then I also need server side packet dumps. Here is how you do it. Log in with L2.NET using ipjack. Turn on Server dump mode from Scripting Options Once this is done, Kill a gremlin or two and log off. Go back to the Text Directory and send me the log file. I will need abo
  15. This is no longer working. Could a mod please close it. In case anyone is interested, they are encrypting server side packets now :)
  16. insane-gamers.com... theres a link in the first post.
  17. the script to my knowledge is safe for now. The buffing is a minor issue imo.
  18. Whoever was having trouble with the buffing, could you try this script? //credit to obce for half the code :P //finished by mpj123 //v1.2 Define_Global int step 0 Define_Global int ok 0 //////////////////////////////// define_global int pak_tar 0 define_global int pak_atk 0 define_global int move 0 define_global int validate 0 define_global int use_it 0 define_global int open_inv 0 define_global int save_inv2 0 define_global int save_inv1 0 define_global int open_skill 0 define_global int open_skill2 0 define_global int use_skill 0 // for a 0 255 1 SET_EVENT "<&SCRIPTEVENT_CLIENTP