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  1. today at school i finally made myself administrator but i can't change things eg. turn firewall off, play runescape. please can someone help me!?
  2. I think i did it right, if you want i can take pictures.
  3. ill be honest i don't really know , but only know the basic restrictions: they basically made it unable to run .exe files, install files and startup repair.
  4. its win7 and i got a error "The snap-in below, referenced in this document, has been restricted by policy. Contact your administrator for details. Local users and groups."
  5. I've seen few posts about people gaining access to administrator but all them ways have been blocked on these new laptops, i was wondering if anyone would know a way.
  6. i just want administrator, and just remembered the startup repair way doesn't work.
  7. I have just received me school laptop but really want it to be hacked because i really hate these restrictions and its starting to bug me. Please :)