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  1. I just have to chime in on this and lol! I sure hope you got A LOT better than that first c# program you made, I sure wish I still had a screenshot of its cartoonish, childish user interface, it was purely lol! I find it funny that 2 years ago you could barely design and code a decent c# prog, yet today "my career is c# based". Hope you took some classes. I do believe, however, the people saying you will abandon this project are correct. You will get bored with it and move on to your next fail project. best of luck to you though! Your good friend, Phear3d :-*
  2. (Tested on Hi5, may or may not work on other chronicles) Packets are different on GF and before. Thanks, but irrelevant now, just as L2. :)
  3. You're welcome, Thanks. Hope you find someplace to use it, and enjoy.
  4. Move the entire L2NETHI5 folder off your desktop, to a different location like c: root and try. Also check my first post to make sure you have the correct L2NET settings, set. Run L2NET.exe as Administrator. Finally check that the FLAG_CHAR.L2C file is actually inside the folder \SCRIPTS\AXELSOLOZONE\ and named properly. This script no longer works, but could be pretty easily made to work again. Since Axel Solo Zone does not allow mages inside anymore.
  5. Fix for L2 Axel target/stand near a GM SHOP NPC and run it Put this in your Scripts/SuperAugment folder. Lol at the gemstone 5000 limit? Really? That's your fix? LOL I like the "fix" for the solo zone also, don't allow any mages now, roflmfao!!!!! Pro dude, just pro. Your move. SuperAugment_Axel.zip
  6. I feel like you're a moron monkey, who can't read/write or even distinguish code. (copy/paste from LUA to L2NET, ROFL) ( sorry but the buttons I chose to use are going to look similar, because they are HARDCODED in to the client, dumbfu<k.) Using your MONKEY logic, I guess PVPSUITE copy pasted his LUA code from geddy's (l2tower). C++ copy pasted to LUA, LUA copy/pasted to JingJing. Lmfao. Fu<king imbecile. And YES I did choose a similiar GUI design to L2TOWER, because of it's simplistic nature, and ease of use, just for imbeciles like yourself. You see, even a moron like you could
  7. Axel Solo Zone Script (l2net IG or OOG) (FULLY AUTO - Minimal edits required) Download it here ->AxelSoloZone.zip Extract the AxelSoloZone Folder to your l2net/scripts folder. Set and Start the Script Axel_SoloZone_Storm_1.l2s or Axel_SoloZone_Spellsinger_1.l2s (depending on which class you are) If you need a L2net Key, for full version, get it here -> http://www.4shared.com/rar/NHdPwJSt/L2NET_KeyMaker.html I wasn't going to release this to the general, but since the new GM thinks it's funny to remove peoples buffs in pvp, I will. :) Good choice Axel, or should I say
  8. L2Net SuperAugment (IG +1 Stat & Skill Script) (Tested on Hi5, may or may not work on other chronicles) Resembles my IG skill enchant script, easy to use, no edits required. Will augment for -> stat only, skill only, or stat + skill. (whichever you choose from the IG windows) DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY NPC! AUGMENT ANYWHERE YOU WANT! Download the files -> http://www.4shared.com/zip/dnmCNWa0ce/SuperAugment.html or here -> SuperAugment.zip Extract the SuperAugment folder in to your L2net/scripts/ folder. Be sure your l2net has these settings checked -> Set the sc
  9. rofl, honestly.... The quality of members is utterly amazing. One day , and it's beginning already, sites won't put up with such idiotic, childish, immature........ FU<KING MONKEYS Yeah that's right I said it. This place is not about posting servers, codes, cheats, scripts.. It's all about who can post and hate and troll the most. Pathetic. Not bashing on you Stereo. Good call out, this monkey kid karasu is one of the biggest losers of all time. His parents must be proud. There are many more here, just like him though... :-\
  10. All I can say to this, is ROFL. Yeah, a virus in a source...... That'd be pretty smart, just like NeverMore here. WTS BANANAS... LoL at AVG..
  11. As the title says. Yes I know it's dead. You can still learn A LOT from it, if you try. https://mega.co.nz/#!N0VyFR5J!jcutzTUeedcRg1JLIC6zSTply4UM6dLm3VJGGnmP0mk http://www.insane-gamers.com/forum/showthread.php/6902-L2-NET-Source-code?p=27922#post27922 Haters in........ 3....... 2....... 1.......
  12. After much searching, a little find. Download these before they are removed. There is a nice ScriptManual.pdf (alot of it in russian, but some in english also). And an english version of Adrenalin, I have no idea yet if the cracked build and .dat files can be replaced with this english version files and still work, perhaps? Someone try it out and let us know! Adrenalin MAPS(ALL) , SCRIPT MANUAL, BOT MANUAL, ENGLISH VERSION (UNCHECKED & UNCRACKED), straight from the coder himself ---------------> http://coderx.ru/asi/update/xbt/ Some scripts -------------
  13. Great job to whoever cracked this! Ollydbg and crap packers ftw! Usually the ruskies are smarter than this.. Thanks, and thanks for posting it too. Keep it up :) I can see you made some fans very mad, pto, lol. Ignore the children.
  14. Just noticed this, but perhaps a mod can help me find an answer to my question. Why was my original post edited by this mod..... "Edited by Universe, 06 May 2014 - 03:59 PM."...... and removed my images that show how to use the script?