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  1. not for me.. Even when I changed it to 1sec, it still keept the mob targeted or where exactly to change it? Its Blacklist Tries or its something other? /edit: tried it again.. Im in cata, killed whole room, then it target some mob outside and 2 minutes gone and still got that target even new mob near me spawned.. That blacklist seems to dont work for me
  2. Hello, my problem is, that my char stucks a lot. I wanna some script or w/e which will change target nearest mob lets say after 10s of not attacking mob. Cause sometimes L2net target mob which I cant attack and it stays there 1-2-3 and more minutes doing nothing. I just need script which will change target to other mob after 10sec of inactivity. Well, thats how l2walker works. It also change target if the bot doesnt move or attack mob for a while. I need same for L2net. Tyvm
  3. deathrun maps are best! nice wrk
  4. good guide.. kamaels are hard to play for me