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  1. smartguard hooks GetRawInputData thats how they block clickers its not hard to fix it
  2. I did not say to get rid off just saying they are hiding behind vmp also my bypass work for cracked adrena
  3. Well smartguard its a memoryscanner they are using callgates for syscalls and use some NtApi to detect things no big deal they just hidding behind vmprotect virtualization.i manage to bypass it in 3 weeks but i will not share or sale at the moment my bypass works on l2lionna witch i bot
  4. u can get decrypted packets from client its not that hard
  5. its very simple to read that kind of captcha i got 99% success of finding the correct captchas
  6. can i extract crest captcha image by using adrenaline script functions ?
  7. Trusted seller :) money 1min after paying. THANKS
  8. hey finaly i finished this anti-bot bypass against client.dll(i dont know how that antibot its called if u know post it)e u can pm me or add me in skype Darkinjection for the info also keep an eye in my other post for lameguard bypass client.dll anti-bot bypass lineage2.pro