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  1. hey man, can u give me a help on that server? im not so good with programs nowadays, im just using process hacker to stop the login. can u tell me what to do, or can u give it a try? thanks.
  2. well yes i know but is there any other known way? because i cant do that one on the video
  3. Well my problem is that the double session dont work for me and The characthers dont work for me either. I dont havê much experience with hacking and glitching nowadays. Só if you or someone could give me a help i would appreciate. I know that you can dupe items because a guy traded me a duplicate epic jewel after making restart game and he said something about pausing The game.... Thats all i know....
  4. i cannot make double session, any other way? can you try please?
  5. i know its possible, just dont know how, and ive tried some methods, ill tell u on pm can someone please tell me how on pm? thanks
  6. Is The site only on Rússian? Cant understand anything I want to check The prices. Its not The only +15, theres atleast 3 +15 bows total.