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  1. Why did you add so much skills that SE doesn't have? You didn't mention anything about Holy Pomanders so that's the point of adding each one? Also why would SE need a weapon with mental shield SA when SE have Mental SHield as one of his/her buffs? If you are going to make a guide about a class... play it first. Learn it. And then write about it. It's like trying to write a guide about Nukers while playing Daggers... honestly. but on overall, pretty good.
  2. This can't work. The timing between the skills would have to be perfect up to a milisecond otherwise the casting of pray will be interrupted (for example melee fighters who have good atk speed and good accuracy will interupt the pray if there is even a slight delay between the buff) So this cannot be done perfectly unless with a bot. Also you would have to calculate exact time that the skill takes to cast on a specific char, and make it use the skill at that time. If a person is able to do such a thing, he definitely won't need to use that exploit to win a siege because he would have a g
  3. To be honest I think this guide is Sh1t. First of all its clear that you are playing on x10+ server because running around the Mother Tree area to kill some orcs that are lvl 4-5 and lvl up to lvl 12 on them would take some time. I would take quest for newbie shots, lvl on gremlins till 6 , go get newbie guide for buffs +weap and teleport to Elven Forest. Heading a bit to the Elven Village there is an area full of some orcs and dryads. Exp there till 16 then get skills. U should have more then 25k adena by this lvl (if you don't, the rates are unbalanced (exp to adena). Buy no grade 3item
  4. Name: michaello105 Class: Warcrayer lvl when serv died: 42 Best Memory: When I got a Major Arcana Robe set from some guy who quit a server, and I was wearing it all the time from lvls 24-36 (didn't know about Penalty Grades or anything) and I was crying why am I so slow compared to other people. So I got fed up and sold Major Arcana in normal shop to buy lol D grades... yeah... I loved being a newbie ;D Now that I think about it... it makes me cry :P @Edit: Server: L2Existance C4
  5. This brings back so much memories :D Post more ppl :D
  6. I don't have any redirecting programs installed, I tried to do it with the ipjack (as on the official Insane-Gamers tutorial) but for some reason my ipjack didn't want to start the redirecting process (wtf?). So Anyway, I don't have any redirecting programs on and I did not install/de-install any program since my last server that it worked on. Maybe you could try to connect to that server through your l2net (the IP is in the screen) and tell me if you can connect? (It would take less then a minute or two and its worth trying) Also, if that all fails and we still cannot solve the prob
  7. Recently, after I moved to a new server (The name is in the print screen)I cannot connect my l2net to it. When I try to connect through the IG I get this stupid error; http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/9536/printscreenl2net.png "ERROR: crash: starting the login server tunnel" When I try to do OOG it has similar answer, but it doesn't matter because I definitely won't use OOG. My L2.ini has server address and in addition I edited my host file too, but I am definitely sure that the server uses l2.ini address not the host. On my last server I had no problems r
  8. Dragon-Network's geodata is worse then that so don't even compare those to together.
  9. 2nd and 1st class change you can buy, our stuff have decided to make 3rd class quest only so people can remember how FUN it was to do it with your friends ;) a little sense of achievement I suppose.
  10. Pheonix Rebirth Server Opened 9 December 2009! Hello! We are here to present you with our new Project called Pheonix Revenge! Its a mid rate server retail like with great stuff and community! Feel free to join us and you will be able to find this server as the server you are going to stay for a long time! This can be your chance to enjoy full, real gameplay with no corruptions! We are currently running on Gracia Final but after Christmas we promise you to move on Gracia Epilogue! Don't miss the chance and be the best of the best! Join us now! Pheonix Rebirth Website http:
  11. Yeah, it does works on the server I play. Btw, some transformations change yours hero-aura back to normal, I used Oel Mahum Transform.
  12. Really good server, you should try it! Some people have +30 items but they are helping u get them too xD
  13. OK. you have to delete the clan but on LOW RATES... man I can understand on high rates because you have lvl 8 in 1min but on low rate server as I said it does take 7 days to dissolve clan... maybe if you decide to dissolve clan and at the last day you PK all noobs from different clan then that would make sense but what for? What if it wouldn't work lol :D If that was me I would be like X_X with 35k Karma and trying to burn it off... eh... so basically what I wanna say is that this trick would be used in 95% on high rates and that I really don't think it will work...
  14. I will add 1 more :D 20. You killed your family and you try to resurrect them with RES Scroll from the printer :P I think we should add new ones so it get interesting :D
  15. Anyway how is CLAN related to player's karma?! I mean WTF. I haven't tried this bug 'cause of obvious reasons... (look 2 posts up) but I really think that leaving your clan doesnt decrease your karma or (just pretend) dropping +16 weapon in the highest point in L2 making you have 255 rec's (/evaluate). I really think that this is nonsense to be honest.