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  1. What kind of sorcery is this? Damn. O_o dat diana dude.
  2. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=105735.0
  3. I get this error in BlockCheckerEngine.java Line : final ExBasicActionList actionList = new ExBasicActionList(ExBasicActionList.getDefaultActionList()); Error : The constructor ExBasicActionList(int[]) is undefined L2JServer : Last Rev (epilogue) SOLVED
  4. Tira - president! :O Awesome script,I will test it tomorrow. Good job & keep sharing scripts. :)
  5. Ok first of all this might NOT work on the most servers,cuz most of them have already good packs. 2st - i`m not responsible for any lost/banned accounts or w/e...you are doing this on your OWN decision. 3st - tested only on Interlude/private server ======================================================================== 1.Login with PHX 2.Go with your char to some guard/mob or w/e and let him kill you. 3.Click "To village"/etc 4.Go to PHX and find the packet "RequestRestartPoint" 5.Copy/paste it to the "Send" section 6.Make a tick on the MSC (1 msc)
  6. Raule - in romania you have great chicks...T_T XD
  7. ...cuz NcSoft are pedobears...
  8. That`s what happen when you don`t KNOW the guy in real life............
  9. Щото не се сещате да пишете поне 1 път на ден...