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  1. no matter how much you farm , you can't reach a donator's player gear (unless you lose the sun) it used to be 3k+ some years ago i have no idea now
  2. http://www.l2elite.us/ its chronicle 4, if you ask my opinion, its not new player friendly..
  3. Wts l2elite Aio buffer, I haven't played for years and i realised that a have an aio ... I'm selling it cheap 25€ paysafe or paypal, normaly it costs 200$ , just pm me
  4. Hey,,, since i've stoped playing l2 ... i decided to sell my donated (4-5 years ago) items/chars on l2mafia I do not realy ask for much money... i just wanna sell all these to buy any skin on lol :P well on 02... i have realy long time to log in... the char was one of the bests... some years ago... idk now... +16 dyna rob +16 dyna light 25 valakas antharas 20 qa zaken aq +16 +25 dms ,active vampire touch tattoo avadon 16 +16 am +16 tallum robe +20 as haste +20 db passive foc Donated skills: magic barier / wildmagic actives also char had 10k hero coin...
  5. tiranous


    Prospa8ise ligo monos den kanh kako!
  6. tiranous


    Best sthn selida kai pata f12 ekei 8a sou vgalh ena pinakakh apo katw psa3e ligo kai isos na to vrhs
  7. eeee nai sorry berdepsa onoma :/ Delete to post 3exasteto xD
  8. nai alla kai oti o Observer einai o Zake den ida na to les kapou :/ pou o zake exei testaristh san gold (la8os 3exasteto berdepsa onomata)
  9. Shnfona me ta legomena kai oti exw dei kai xwrhs na 8elw na glhpso SkySkase exei dikio o justice
  10. Kalhmera!!! 2o protes wres fusion den palevete.