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  1. Is it online ? now I am downloading the update.
  2. I hope it is just a web hosting issuese , the server should start in 32-33 mins :D
  3. 95% of Ro servers are made by 16 years old kids ^.^(like you)with 0 java knowledge . You can not even write your own features,you copied the exact features from l2six .
  4. You can not even write the adress correctly :) and you call ureself the best interlude. Crappy website+free no-ip domain = homemade by 16years old .
  5. Olympiad Preview L2Six Olympiad
  6. First , the re-openning will be on saturday . Secondly, it doesn't matter from what l2j package i started to develop this server. The name/website should not be your problem . If you think it is just another crappy server , do not join on saturday. Have a nice day . And for the hosting questions :
  7. nice dude but my opinion is that the interlude will die verry soon..
  8. L2J "economy" has been destroyed by this guys . Stop trying to make us laugh.