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  1. Hi dudes,i am looking for a high rate interlude pvp server without custom items,100+ ppl , with balance of course not all players archers..
  2. i ask for some abyss walker/ghost hunter guide..so how lvl i am and how xp i earn i dont care..just read me topic..
  3. Hello everyone!!i start an x5 hi5 server and i want a ghost hunter guide.. best armor,dyes,augments,certifications,weapon(dual daggers or single dagger),which way enchanting skills,talismans,pvp belt and best way to play pvp..i will appreciate if someone help me guys.. :)
  4. i have full 16 items..all skils +11,bow with passive d.might..3 fb focus,1 with passive mdef,one with passive pdef,1 with passive duel might,1 am with paasssive empwoer for drains,1 am with heal,1 am with ritual,1 am with br,i have +4 con -4 str dyes,+4 wit -4 int..
  5. from interlude??there is nothing...i speak about pvp server...
  6. Geia sas pedes.boreite na voi8isete stelnontas ena guide shillien templar gia olympiad gia client interlude?? :)
  7. hi dudes,can you help me with a shillien templar oly guide for interlude? ??? :)