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  1. [ERROR: L2.Net latest version check timed out. This can be caused by many things including: that gay porn you are seeding. Anyone can help me? Its Ct 2.3
  2. thx and smth else.. Why init file is empty?and i cant spawn buffer (when i install it?:P)
  3. Hello guys i've been away for a while cauze of college I know that these topics may have been created a lot of times but i need ur assistance I am looking for a pack Gracia final clean. when i am saying clean i dont want to have anything custom (weapons,armors etc) i will add them if s'o can help me i would appreciate it
  4. Hi is there any bot for ct2.3 that working on windows 7? thanks in advange
  5. Kalimera pedia exw ena provlima me thn olympiada opote an mporite na voithisete tha to ektimousa! Xrisimopiw L2j pack CT2 part2 Loipon i oly arxizi kanonika pezoun tous agwnes alla otan teliwnei i otan kanei rr o server den vlepw ta rakings.Afou den mporw na dw ta rakings(oi pextes exoun 10 agwnes kai panw) den ginete kai bgoun kai oi hero.Etsi tous hero tous ebgala egw mesw tou navicat. Episis otan pataw //manualhero i mesa apo to admin panel den kanei tpt.Giauto pisteuw oti einai mesa apo to java to provlima mallon Edw einai apo to altsettings oi olympiad config # ------------
  6. Hello everyone i would like to introduce you L2 Forgotten Private Server. L2 Forgotten is a new and unique PvP Server which provides everything a player wishes! Now some Features of Forgotten: -Fully Customised Items -Global Gatekeeper -Various and Unique Events -Tournament's -Farm Packages -Killing Spree system with sounds and effects -Territory Clan Wars -Custom Skills (Passive and Active) -Custom Farming System -Major Castle Sieges:All castles(every week). Possessing a castle gives the clan much more benefits than default L2. For example the Castle randomly genera
  7. Hi people i use l2j and i have a problem I want to remove academys so the players can not use them to rise their clan points.Can someone help me? I want to raise their clan points only from wars and raid bosses Thanks in advance
  8. there is a file at config file i think rates or smth like that
  9. some times the mana potion has the name of the pollen
  10. Ta stats ta fiaxnis apo c>server>data>stats>armor gia na deis tis syntomografies twn stats mporeis na kaneis search Gia ta ypoloipa thes compile Btw pedia an xerei kapoios apo compile as m steilei ena pm einai anagki