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  1. For armorgrp.dat 1 10286 0 3 7 2 0 dropitems.drop_MFighter_m007_t1006_u_m00 mfighter.mfighter_m007_t1006_u icon.armor_t1006_ul_i00 icon.armor_t1006_u_i00 icon.armor_t1006_l_i00 4294967295 2450 19 1 0 15 2 Fighter.MFighter_m007_u Fighter.MFighter_m007_l 2 mfighter.mfighter_m007_t1006_u MFighter.MFighter_m007_t1006_l 2 2 2 Fighter.FFighter_m007_u Fighter.FFighter_m010_l 2 FFighter.FFighter_m007_t1006_u FFighter.FFighter_m010_t1006_l 2 2 2 DarkElf.MDarkElf_m006_u DarkElf.MDarkElf_m006_l 2 MDarkElf.MDarkElf_m006_t1006_u MDarkElf.MDarkElf_m006_t1006_l 2 2 2 DarkElf.FDarkElf_m008_u DarkElf.FDar
  2. So i share a simply way for niebies... 1)Go to your datapack in data/scripts/cron/ directory 2)Create a file and name it tvt.py(py is the extension so if you create a txt file and rename it,remove the txt and add py) 3)Open the file and paste import sys from com.l2jfree.gameserver.model.entity.events import TvT TvT.loadData() TvT.autoEvent() save and close it. 4)Finally add in your global tasks the following: INSERT INTO `global_tasks` (`id`, `task`, `type`, `last_activation`, `param1`, `param2`, `param3`) VALUES (996, 'jython', 'TYPE_FIXED_SHEDULED', 12065959
  3. l2J Server Info. http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo20/balentinos4141/a8cf8e28.jpg[/img] //spawn 999996 Download Link:http://www.4shared.com/file/58816859/d4152b2e/NPC_Info_v2.html?s=1
  4. can add full mage and full fight??????? nice share but i need it full
  5. lpn pare to gameguard apo to alo pach kai balto ekei copy paste an omws to kanes del kane upadate apo ton updater tpt allo? :P:P
  6. af00 exoun ani3ei ta loginserver.bat kai gameserver.bat apla prepei na exeis ena ka8aro system sto client s kai na baleis sta host ton 8es lan) an dn ton 8es bazei tin ip sou http://whatismyipaddress.com/
  7. i will give some pic 2morow turned on its SO COOL epic armors with full stats and more more Custom items i like this server Wana be hero:P VOTE TO BE FIRST XD