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  1. Tryed on epilogue, for me it doesn't work
  2. It's pretty cool when you can get 255 rec very easy, but this way use a little more time, if cpu low you will do this longer time
  3. this is old trick it doesn't work on my server
  4. nice i tried on my server the first way and it worked!
  5. Good trick i have max cast speed :)
  6. those bugs are amazing i get into the castle before the siege omg :DD
  7. I think this only works on your server :)
  8. old bug, I don't think it's working on any server
  9. steam detect silent move script, so I use "bind mwheelup +duck" :)
  10. Copy script, paste in notepad, save filename.CFG, move file into /cstrike/ directory, go to CS and write in console "exec filename.cfg" filename.cfg - write name what you want
  11. CS 1.5 models better then CS 1.6, they uses smaller fps