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  1. Research on what?On the name of a private server?Last time i checked my searchbar it was free , am i wrong?
  2. Wait wait wait..i dont quite get you. If you are speaking about ignorant GMs and Developers , then i guess that there was an L2WoA before.Sorry , we dont have any connection to that server(?) , we didn't even know it existed.We just thought that the name War Of Aden would be good for our server , since we looked for something epic that fits us. Thanks for saying this , we have to be more carefull about our advertise now. You are welcome the check our server's first features / changelogs on our forums , which will be opened soon.
  3. Hello and welcome to the early presentation of WAR OF ADEN - Lineage2 private server.Lets just jump straight to the point! X4000 Experience Safe 3 - Max 15 Normal 55% - Blessed 75% Custom Armors Custom Weapons Custom Jewels (Our own tier2 rb jewels to balance out the server even more) All of the customs are craftable , through our NPC.You just need to farm for the ingredients and the recipe!! TvT/CTF/Trivia Events Running all day. [Note : Our events are super-fun and players get boosted stats while in event!Dont forget to check them out for lots of fun and great re
  4. WizZy™


    Handle all the shits you want guys alone ,im sick of this forum and traitors. Altho i got no time for this shit - just wanted to make some skillz with java (which i obviously didnt make at all) Another thing intrepid ,just for you : People change. Yes guys i asked intrepid ,stef and whoever i see to make a thread for my promotion in staff sections ,so i can become a l2mod ,because i had the time (1 month after my surgery) to keep this forum clean ,but w00tever intrepid is just another stabber like many others from here.
  5. WizZy™


    Im ending it right here ,but this post will proove some things in the future. Also i don't know whats with you and why you react so bitchy on that flame topic - it was fun... but you just came up ,closed it and junked it.. just cuz some1 said the truth. //end
  6. WizZy™


    I have an opinion too ,right? Im just saying what i think for GrisoM I don't care for Noble - he never did shit to me ,but grisom did. Just wanted to get some things clear ,since this is a topic about grisom.
  7. WizZy™


    A forum without flames or spam isn't a forum and we have to be proud of the flamers around here like Exte,DreaM and so on. Should i remind you of the [What an annoying little kid] topic in the staff sections ? Go read it and speak again.From then i started to think that you are 2 faced guy (which appears to be true) Also ,yes you didn't reply to that topic about my ban ,but a birdy said to me that you told me those things and i actually believed the birdy! Why? Cuz of the annoying little kid topic. Does it make sense to you now?
  8. WizZy™


    GrisoM you didn't get my point too.. You are really a 2 faced guy ,because now you pretend to be nice to me ,but somewhere else you say that im a karma abuser,topic abuser and so and i don't deserve my place. That was when i got banned the last time and maxtor made a poll about my unban. Do you see who's the two-faced guy now? While you are pretending to be nice with some1 you are actually stabbing him in the back .. and do whatever you want to me.
  9. damn i just found out what is it a friend to stab you in the back deeply >.>