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Lineage 2 Tower 1.4 [IL-GOD]


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From authors:

This version is our next success, we made lot of needed changes what allows us to continue development. There is still lot of things what can & will be improved in future. Happy boting :P


Supported chronicles:

  • Interlude (patrial support)
  • Kamael (patrial support)
  • Hellbound (patrial support)
  • Gracia Final
  • Gracia Epilogue
  • Freya
  • High Five
  • Goddess of Destruction (partial support)



  • Auto HP, MP, CP potions/elixirs use
  • Auto Souls bottle use/fill
  • Auto penalty scrolls use
  • Auto party heal & recharge (pets, summons supported)
  • Auto follow
  • Auto Multi Assist
  • Auto Dance, Songs
  • Auto Self Buffs & Aoe Buffs
  • Auto Item Pickup
  • Auto Pet Item Pickup
  • Auto PVE Target
  • Auto PVP Target
  • Auto Nuke Attack
  • Auto Mele Attack
  • Auto Pet, Summon Mele Attack
  • Auto Spoil, Sweep
  • Auto Subclass Quest (Chest Quest [experimental])
  • Auto Go Vilage & Res accept
  • Auto Invite, Dismiss, Change party leader
  • Auto Fishing
  • Scripts & Base plugins support
  • Ability to enchant, argument, craft, delete, crystallize items from scripts
  • Support for multiple hook library
  • Ability to patch game system folder
  • External configuration program
  • And many more...



Commands can be run like this: ///pause, //pause, /pause, .pause

When you run command with / at begin command can't have spaces, use '_' insted.


  • pause  - Pause program
  • cfg - Show Config window
  • xcfg - Shows external configuration window
  • save [name] - Save config
  • load [name] - Load config
  • rar [cmd] - Run command
  • rtr [nick] [cmd] - Run command
  • and more, but lot of them are internal commands.

Full list of commands you can find here.






External Editor







In-game Bot












Unpack all files into any directory you want, and run L2Tower.exe


L2 Tower Download Link


Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package and .NET 3.5 is required...




Lineage 2 Tower


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Just a Great program,equalivant to L2w/net , and the only one working on rpg-club now i guess


good luck with this project clockman

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1st. Gracia final/epilog only QQ



A tu napisze po polsku bo nie chce mi sie za bardzo po eng. Z sugestii to tak dodać wspieranie dla ( freya ,epilog ) ponieważ w te kroniki najczęściej graja ludzie...ewentualnie interlude.

Dodać pokazywanie dmg + dodanie ikon skili i filtrowanie pokazywanego dmg z skilli (tak wiem hardcore ale na 100% samo l2 filtruje te info).


Możesz to zrobić nie wiem albo podpić się pod gre i wykorzystując normalne pokazywanie onscreendmg albo wymusić w l2 rysowanie napisów (tutaj przydałaby się opcja wyboru czcionki)



Nice share man.

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    • do anyone knows a solution for ALT key to not block the movement on newer clients/classic ? lot of players are useing the key for push to talk and is annoying and rly problematic in PVP
    • You just need time and dedication - if you don't have those, you probably shouldn't lose your time developing. Moreover with the astronomical amount of shared customs, guides and alike content over all L2J related forums / youtube channels. If you don't want to "academically" learn Java, but get some fun learning how L2J (and Java) works, the best is to simply try to adapt customs over a vanilla source. Second step would be to modify it as you like, and the third step would be to code your own. Start with easy to adapt customs, then go into more complex stuff. You have to read first about basic Java concepts, called OOPs concepts, to avoid to waste your time. It's mandatory and will save you some time. L2J is 30% Java and 70% project hierarchy understanding, seeing how bad and lame some "developers" are, strictly anyone with some time can become a "L2J developer" (which is mostly copy-pasting code made by other, talented, people and reselling it). A good source is normally organized and Javadoc documented. If not, avoid to use that. Finally, client and server are two entirely different concepts (one is illegal and the other legal, btw :D), and generally ppl tend to "subclass" on either one or the other.
    • Hello and greetings guys, i come from the scene of L2OFF    so today i will share with you on how to make a custom quest in L2OFF  Lets get started. You will need the GMPanel for decompiling AIs can be downloaded here: https://filebin.net/650x1g0vvbzcon5o   so lets open The AI Editor. To make the quest repeatable we need to base our quest in an already repeatable one, lets say the Ghost Explorer one (Relics of the Old Empire) so the NPC that has the quest in AI is  explorer_ghost_a , find it and decompile it , you should have this code above https://pastebin.com/WjvYxi6E  so the quest is as this above.    now we are gonna make our changes   first we need to copy the code and have it in a notepad close completely the AI editor or just recompile it , reopen the gmpanel / ai editor and the ai.obj itself   and press on the " New " or Ctrl + N  class name = for example put "quest_daily_npc" and parent  "citizen" and press ok .. so your base is ready. https://ibb.co/3MfPHfW <- example is here Now i will explain you everything related on this in order to adjust it by yourself:   first of all :   you paste the code from the previous quest that we copied.   Now your quest must look like this:   https://pastebin.com/YY3uUXDS   so lets make the modifications     https://pastebin.com/c871yGdQ       619 is the quest id you can change it with your desired or you can delete the already existing and just modify this one     ------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://pastebin.com/9knBBGwG   on the case2: is the check for the reward.. practicly this quest is non stop , it checks if you have at least 1000 broken antiques and regarding the check it opens the html pages that correspond to the checks, if you want to replace the number with another amount and the quest item just do it by checking my comments on the pastebin link       now lets move to the :      https://pastebin.com/qirhF0Fn     you can change again here the html with your desired   so  we are finally in the time of the reward    the reward code is here: https://pastebin.com/BRB4F19Y you can add/ make less rewards   If you want to make it like:  You get rewarded then cooldown until next day you must edit   if( myself::GetCurrentTick() - talker.quest_last_reward_time > 1 ) { talker.quest_last_reward_time = myself::GetCurrentTick();   to if( myself::GetCurrentTick() - talker.quest_last_reward_time > 12 * 60 * 60 ) { talker.quest_last_reward_time = myself::GetCurrentTick(); I hope i gave you a good base.. Sincerely thank you , if you find my guide bad, i can edit some parts of it to be more clear  
    • Seuranasi is a scammer, don't buy from him
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