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  1. I think that only 1% of the people here in the forum understand what assembly,C++ or other computer language is and how they can use them... This is the largest community for Lineage2... Hope one day a Section for Reverse Engineer and Software Engineer to be Added in this Forum.. The only thing that this forum has is a Client Modification Section but the most people there are releasing Armor graphics and silly things
  2. Ohhh god you can't understand what i am say... You Open the files in WOTGreal... you can read the UC content wirhout exporting them!!! You can export the uc files with both of the programs ( UTPT , WOTGreal ) but you can not compile them in .U file cause there is no UCC for Lineage... Only NCSOFT has a the Compiler for the Game. So to edit the .U files the only option is a HEX editor... You are Using WOTGreal only to fast find the UC script Lines and read them like a text...When you find them you go and Edit the lines in the HEX editor!!! We talking for the same think but i give you t
  3. This is not configured by me... i can't understand why you can't get my files work on your pc's guys... I tested my files on Win Xp service pack 3 and win7 32 bit and are working great
  4. I wish it was open source... But it is not The only who can provide this is the company that made it
  5. WOTGreal is faster because you can read the uc content fast with out exporting... :)
  6. This time i shared to connect with hide toolz due to luck of time to unpack the clientex.dll Tonight i ll start the unpack proccess to make it able to open as many clients as you want to open and with out using hide toolz :)
  7. Yes u can't compile the uc files in .U because we don't have the Original Unreal Engine for Lineage that only NcSoft has.. So what we do?? We just inspecting the files from the WOT and then we decrypt and we searching for the key words we wanna change in a hex editor... Read what i say :)
  8. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=103817.0 he share an auth server for L2walker 1.79 for interlude...this think can be found almost in every folder of L2walker It is a very common file... This think does not need a whole thread to be shared
  9. Of course Lineage2 But i ll never forget Max Payne :P
  10. Actually you can use this tool : WOTgreal EXPORTER With this tool you can read the Script files inside .U files What you do next is... 1) You are using L2decrypt to decrypt the target .U file 2) You can open the decrypted file with your hex editor ( Flex Hex is the best for sure ) 3) Search and replace the strings you want ( It don't need to be in hexademical structure..you can use Ansi characters ) 4) Crypt again the file and run :) You can really handle all the thinks from those files... But be carefull :) P.S. : This is not a ultimate share... It is a really
  11. Guys i am actually using windows Xp Pro SP3 at home... Because of the low RAM memory needed and of course because the programs i use to Reverse Engineer and the plug-ins i use to hide them are working 100% only on Win XP Windows Vista and Win7 have great Graphical User Interface but i prefer the Performance that Win XP giving Maybe Win7 giving much more FPS for games and many more things but i don't need them
  12. Guys it is so easy... Look the images below... On first attemp there always will be a DC but you press ok and you login again normally :)
  13. Go in hide toolz and find Navicat Verify -> Right click on it and press hide... The same for Navicat.exe
  14. What windows do you have?? EDIT : Win 7 32... ok go to fyyre's website and download from there.. here is a link : http://fyyre.ivory-tower.de/projects/HideToolz.rar it is only for 32 bit systems ( x86 ) for 64 bit system Fyyre will release a new version as he say in his page
  15. Ohhhh I just Noticed that...Really Sorry About this... Dc is there always on first attemp... _____________________ Edit: download again....
  16. I don't care what you saying... I am building my own Protection for L2 Servers and it will be perfect Protection Bypassed again I am uploading my files now :) EDIT: Files are up download and read instructions again :)
  17. I am downloading his new update and i ll total own his protection this time i promise...
  18. You can Download here :) http://apacudn.epicgames.com/Two/UnrealEngine2Runtime22262002.html
  19. Thread Updated....Go to First Page to Download :) Trol3k delete one of your two posts :) Guys Thank you Very much for your support...i am going to sleep now for 3 hours and after this i am working all day... Good Night everyone ( Except L2 Giants Admin...It will be a bad night for him after my release hahaha ) -Navicat
  20. Alright :D :D :D :D Everything is Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it...w8 for some fixes and i am uploading the files... Main thread will be edited... Just w8 a few minutes :D :D
  21. As a proof to their stupid protection.... I am logged in with walker again... i am not Verified right now...i am going to solve and this problem Those noob admins are tottaly pissing me off...This is for them
  22. I see that Admins are carefully looking what i am saying in this forum... In the Last update that server made his admin was really carefull..he updated very good his protection... I ll crack it but I will NEVER give explanations again on anything.. Now the admin of this Server really pissed me off... He ll understand that no one can stop me in some hours from now
  23. No i ll share and let Rok cut his neck as a greek proverb says.... I ll crack again and again if it is need to be like that hehehe