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  1. i want to chanbge the flames from vertically position to . horizontal
  2. the sql and grp are fine .. i think the problem is on textures or animations .. got any idea?
  3. what is going on? and how to fix it
  4. Xriazome enan na ftiaksoume ena site apo arxi .
  5. I need one boy to help me find one pack Classic .. i WILL GIVE Good Moneys
  6. i want one developer to speak for one pack classic i want your help boys!
  7. We need one developer to open my server online contact with me pleaes i give euros
  8. Happy seeing those News!!! At least someone who can get the job done !! Been a while from your last show up , we are happy to see you guys coming back to the game.. people already got bored with those fail copy pride packs . Your team fixed many issues , and throw the boredom out of the window ! lol :D We are waiting the grand opening !! cheers!!
  9. psaxno developer na valoume kapia java codes !
  10. psaxno developer na mou aniksi ton server mou lan 20euro!