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  1. open workbench and run this command with the exist password you have or other. ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'NewPassword';
  2. https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forums/topic/140968-acis-398-source-limpa/
  3. one of the best developers in the forum !! i reccomend him for sure!!
  4. on acis with buff 24+4 you will have good balance. if you have more you must nerf the damage class to class and the criticals as zake mention above.
  5. i know also one man that scammed from ave..for sure i dont reccomend him.
  6. basicaly is not running without problems.... gs is stucking after some time and players get dc.. i will not speak about balance...
  7. i have use it and its good my friend,noone have complain about delay. if im'not wrong machine + firewall cost 280e.
  8. dn kanei load ta scripts logika.tsekare ekei aderfe..an den breis akri kaneme add discord Shanks#0342 kai 8a se helparw free
  9. to make one test go to general.ini and find these lines and make it false..and try to get the buff that you want and tell me if is the same. # Check players for non-allowed skills # Default: False SkillCheckEnable = True
  10. you must allowed the skill,try to search something checkAllowedSkills. or if you get any gs msg about it search for it. example in my pack. if (skillid >= 9850 && skillid <= 9855) { foundskill = true; } if (!foundskill) { removeSkill(skill, true); System.out.println("Character " + getName() + " of Account " + getAccountName() + " got skill " + skill.getName() + ".. Removed!"/* + IllegalPlayerAction.PUNISH_KICK */);
  11. you are missing many sql tables in your db my friend,
  12. i didnt remove it because i like it 🙂
  13. Server GrandOpening 5/2/21 Time : 20:00 GMT +2 SERVER RATES # Exp x5000 # Sp x5000 # Adena x1000 # Party Exp x1.5 # Party Sp x1.5 STARTING PLAYERS: Players Start in Talking Island Starting Lvl = 80 All Sgrade Items In Gm Shop Is free. ENCHANT RATES # Safe Weapon/Armor = +4 # Max Enchant = +30 # Normal Enchant Scroll = 65% (no restriction) # Bless Enchant Scroll = 75% # Bless Enchant Max = +20 # Crystal Enchant Scroll = 20% (if enchant break you dont lose the enchant) # Max Enchant With Crystal = 30 AUGMENT RATES #
  14. maybe your "friend" have use it.. i have cooporate many times with this guy and never have scam me or something like this.. i thing you must speak with your "friend" from greece about it.
  15. 3 questions. where are you from ? and from which country is the paysafe? and how many peoples know the code of paysafe?
  16. maybe you import location wrong. i just added on 391 without any error. https://pastebin.com/jFTJhbLq
  17. https://prnt.sc/s6aopf take a fact from the server which i join few hours ago. you told about beta..but in your topic and in your site write official opening,.so you lie. you have spawned 190 bots in private store mode. which ppl hate when they enter on a pvp server. 190 bots in private store mode in pvp server?? are seriues? you are.
  18. CORE LAUNCH DATE: 26 APRIL 2020 19:00 https://prnt.sc/s6a07u but beta.. where did you mention about beta? beta offline shops hahahaha nice nice we believe you...inform me when you will make original open ok? i would like to play p.s armors without helmets first time i see..