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  1. thanks. Sorry, can you please move this topic to this section https://maxcheaters.com/forum/140-advertising-and-seo-services/
  2. lest

    V for Valid

    But you are f**ng crazy man. ViruS is one who works with models/animations and vfx on ue2 and he already created many stuff by himself. Yes he is trying to monetize as much as possible his work but this is not a crime or a sign of bad behavior. Look man, I've never seen a single word wroten in Greek lang. I've just copy and paste your stupid msges into google translator and its clear for me. You can do the same but I can secure that u will not find a lot more then here on rus forums. You cry about high price and say that this guy with nickname ViruS wroten in green color cant nothing. This 2 guys are doing stuff that no one other does. The work they are doing is not a secret but u need a lot of time to understand to rewrite engine files e c.c. They didnt found nothing ready to work. They found their own methods to resolve many little things and they created their own instruments. About their presentation. You say its a bad music strange desing bla bla bla. You just cant understand. This guys spent years for this things and they have not time and reasons for visual improvement of their websites e c.c. They just have so much request to work for now and u spent so much time to write in every topic on forum. You are everywhwere with ur fucking cry or suggestions. Just explain to me why you roll on this forum here and there and try paste ur stupid opinion. I've never seen nothing positive from u. You enter in every topic with ur disrespect messeges like: "This bad, this is not good, you must do in this way and this is shit just delete it or make it better" When you was in my topic I thought "ok I really had to make more smooth that work" (my work is not truelly clean but it was more for animation test so ok I can uderstand ur suggestions) But last days I enter this forum and I always see your nickname. Everywhere. With your negative comments. And you cry also about other ppl who try to promote themselves. You do the same thing by flooding like that. I dont know who u are but for me your mind is very broken and you are mentally retarded stupid idiot. Let's hope I mistake. I am Russian and I secure you another time that you will not find a much info about stuff that this guys doing on rus lang resourses. I had problems with lineage 2/models/engine many times. And for resolve I contacted this guys personally because info on forums is not enough.
  3. Fragment from New Year/Christmas video for DanielDefo Video From DanielDefo Classic x10 PTS server
  4. I can offer: Video captured from original ingame footage Replays that I have in my collection Interlude mid-rate pts/java pvp x1000 Gracia final mid-rate pts High five mid rate pts/java x50 Classic zaken-antharas official/mid-rate pts Video based on preset/concept that you prefer Personal CGI-like 3d scene with higher quality graphics/vfx/costum animations Prices: Normal video: 70-200 eur 3d scene: 150-300 eur Lowest price is 70 eur. Why so high? Montage itself is not a big deal it may cost 30-50 eur. You pay the time I spent for collecting/capturing ingame stuff or setting up video-preset/effects/text. With low price I will not be really motivated and I can't guarantee you that I will put my personality and emotions in work. So I dont wanna even start making those type of works "just for some money". For me, you can have a really good video with 150 eur. Better contacting me at least 1-2 weeks before. If I have a free time I can make a good video in 2-3 days. skype: co6eceghuk1 telegram: @lestsfx