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  1. thanks. Sorry, can you please move this topic to this section https://maxcheaters.com/forum/140-advertising-and-seo-services/
  2. lest

    GR V for Valid

    But you are f**ng crazy man. ViruS is one who works with models/animations and vfx on ue2 and he already created many stuff by himself. Yes he is trying to monetize as much as possible his work but this is not a crime or a sign of bad behavior. Look man, I've never seen a single word wroten in Greek lang. I've just copy and paste your stupid msges into google translator and its clear for me. You can do the same but I can secure that u will not find a lot more then here on rus forums. You cry about high price and say that this guy with nickname ViruS wroten
  3. Fragment from New Year/Christmas video for DanielDefo Video From DanielDefo Classic x10 PTS server
  4. 3d software? holywoood intros for 5 eur? All this intro are the same templates. Usually for After Effects. You just download the project, change text and it is done. Anyway, using free projects for making ez videos for lineage 2 server is not a crime. But this words "people use 3D software to make hollywood intros" sound a bit like a mistake. I know only one person from lineage 2 community who did a CGI-style movies in past years. Actually I can do this type of movies. Another ppl who use 3d software usually work with Addons/Accessoryes/locations for l2 servers e c.c. Creating videos of that
  5. There are my videos attached, this is just videos for videogame, so I dont think I need explain many things here.
  6. I made this videos for free about 1 year ago. It was just for my own practise. This is not official promo of servers. Just showcase of working with lineage 2 client. Actually as u can notice there is no sense inside, but just a nice view. Past year I improved my video editing skills a lil bit and I am ready to create a videos with a more sense/story/emotions e c.c.
  7. I can offer: Video captured from original ingame footage Replays that I have in my collection Interlude mid-rate pts/java pvp x1000 Gracia final mid-rate pts High five mid rate pts/java x50 Classic zaken-antharas official/mid-rate pts Video based on preset/concept that you prefer Personal CGI-like 3d scene with higher quality graphics/vfx/costum animations Prices: Normal video: 70-200 eur 3d scene: 150-300 eur Lowest price is 70 eur. Why