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  1. No interlude clan interested in this server? :O
  2. Since russians will gather in big numbers on Eternal.ms , a well-advertised server on all media,i decided to come back on interlude chronicle and try find a worthy clan to have some great fights with there.My main role is Cardinal,but i can play also DD(nuker/archer),i got Assist/Follow/Kite knowledge, mic+headphones so i can use any communication program..Further more infos on PM/Skype : pi2de.2010 .
  3. it's useless to tell him things about balance that need to be improved when the big java clans that join this server won't play it for too long. If 1 good clan leaves,no matter the reason,all are leaving immediately..It's a stupid domino effect on this high rates and i'm sick of it honestly.That's why High Five chronicle is the best,there is no such thing there and that's not the criteria that determins a server's life period like on Interlude.
  4. This isn't custom? Wake up please!
  5. 2k18 now and people still can't understand why they fail opening Custom servers.. Look in clan section on their forum,1 pots only from a guy who is also looking for a group to join.And you wonder why servers like Cartel/Sanity had tons of people and clans...Try build something balanced and with real objectives and reward using non-custom things..Servers with customs will never be populated by stong clans,i discussed with some of the leaders and they consider this type on server a joke and they won't ever join on it. But it's just me...
  6. For this server exclusively,i will reinstall Interlude and start L2 . #worthed
  7. Hello community ! I was wondering if anyone here is willing to share with me some clan+ally crests. I don't want topzone/hopzone trash crests,i am asking if someone has some unique crests made by themself that i cant find anywhere on internet.I can edit the letters,i just wanned to see some creative backgrounds on them.Waiting for some cool ones,i`ll repay u with a like :)
  8. Hello community ! We are a group of friends that played together on many servers and now we want to join on L2Damage.com at the opening on the 29th of December. Depending on the number of players we manage to gather,i will decide if we will make our own clan or if we join other clan as a CP. To make a better opinion about us,take some time to view our clan videos from previous seasons of L2Damage on our channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/pqTeSTpq Few things that we are looking for from you guys : 1) Basic assisting/positioning knowledge . 2)
  9. Hello MXC community members ! My name is Madalin , im 25 years old ,i am from Romania and i am creating this post to let you know i'm offering my video editing services for the right price. I can create intros,promotional videos or Clan pvp videos.I can say i'm still a beginner,even tho i worked with many programs(now i am trying Sony Vegas).Feel free to contact me to Skype adress : pi2de.2010 or leave me an private message here on forum.I will check daily the inbox/Skype.