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  1. Hello MXC community members ! My name is Madalin , im 25 years old ,i am from Romania and i am creating this post to let you know i'm offering my video editing services for the right price. I can create intros,promotional videos or Clan pvp videos.I can say i'm still a beginner,even tho i worked with many programs(now i am trying Sony Vegas).Feel free to contact me to Skype adress : pi2de.2010 or leave me an private message here on forum.I will check daily the inbox/Skype.
  2. Hello to everyone! My real name is Madalin, i'm 24 years old and i'm originary from Romania.I'm a high-rate servers player and i recently decided to start playing L2 after a long break. I am looking for a clan/group to join since i'm a big fan of massive population servers and i know for sure judging by the clans which will join Eola that there will be non stop pvp and action in boss zones.What i'm lookin for is a good clan with experienced members,that individually know what they need to do during a fight,a clan with a worm atmosphere. Classes that i know to play at max potential are Cardinal/Nukers(any)/Archers(usually GS cause it's the best for mass pvp)/Warlord. I mention that i can use any speaking program(Skype/Raidcall/Teamspeak/etc) and i can play arround 5h/day now.If i consider your clan it's good,i can follow it on more servers,not just this one. Contact : Skype - pi2de.2010 Forum L2Eola - private message In-game nick : pqTeSTpq