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  1. https://maxcheaters.com/topic/235974-l2trinity-pack/ here it is my friend.
  2. Fraps on Halisha? 250+ Online? L2HellHound.com It is The Best Server! Genesis x5000 Dont Miss it, Join now
  3. Server is no custom man, and it is special project. Just see the features of that website and you will see. L2hellhound.com
  4. #L2HellHoundNetwork good luck for another one time
  5. L2 Hellhound Interlude No-Custom Server x1200 PvP Unique Features & Gameplay All Day & Night Full PvP Join Now! Clans From Around The World Grand Opening 10 August 2018 Time : 20:00 GMT +2 The Best Interlude No-Custom Custom Server Website : http://l2hellhound.com/ Forum : http://l2hellhound.com/forums Server Events : http://l2hellhound.com/forums/index.php?/forum/3-events-promotions
  6. my community is on the way on l2hellhound
  7. one of best custom server good luck!
  8. no yet. i need opinions for our features firts :) . And after we will find a date for beta and grand open :)
  9. Hello, thanks for your wish. Also, we take so seriously about that network and we give many hours and time to make a stable and best project. We will try with custom server. Normal gameplay, normal farm not very hard or hard. If we go well with custom, soon will be online a no custom project and after will be the other projects. Be ready guys about it and tell me your ideas about that features you see. Thanks- Lineage2Hugo Network Team. :)
  10. Hello, as all see, yes, we start a. Network with our first server Custom PvP. Many servers will come as No-Custom, Stuck-sub, Mid Rate. We are not ready but we make that topic to tell us your opinion about our project and our idea about network. We work hard to make our balance and other features ingame.We accept any opinion for that . Our Website : Coming soon Our Forum : Coming Soon Rates: Xp: x2000 Sp: x2000 Drop item: x1 Adena: x1 (Custom) Enchant: Safe: +3 Max: +12 (Crystal +16) Normal Scroll 60% Blessed Scroll 90% (Farm Items) Crystal Scroll 80% (PvP Items / Event Medals / Vote Co