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  1. Inside of the release folder there is a file called "KeyGenerator.exe", just run it and give it the Hardware Fingerprint and a name and it will print out a key.
  2. Well, I just copied the Skills/Items/HTML from PP-C4.
  3. https://github.com/LoanX/C4Extender It works, but I wouldn't use it for a live server.
  4. It works fine for C4, haven't touched the sources for months but it used to work fine, the following things need to be fixed: - Admin char moviment (it kinda does a moonwalking non-stop) - PIN code These are the bugs I've encountered SO FAR.
  5. Thanks a lot, man. At least it logins just fine now, :D. I Removed IOBufferExt, LoginDb, and Encryption from his Network Module. So far this is what I've got: 1 - Empty Account 2 - After Creating the Character Probably I'll have to fix the CharSelectInfo, UserInfo, CharInfo and many more. Also, this UserSocket error bothers me a bit. But thanks a lot.
  6. Hello guys, I have been trying to connect C4 client with Vanganth Extender, but so far I've encountered many problems with the authentication itself. The RequestAuthLogin packets seem so different between the C4 and Interlude. C4 Type:0x08 (RequestAuthLogin) Size: 31+2 Recive time: 12:50:22:189 0002 s LoginName: r??????i 0014 d PlayKey2: 840685313 (0x321BD701) 0018 d PlayKey1: 2003475301 (0x776A9B65) 001C d LoginKey1: -829202813 (0xCE935E83) Interlude Type:0x08 (RequestAuthLogin) Size: 31+2 Recive time: 12:54:47:618 0002 s LoginName: roo
  7. Thanks a lot, it totally worked, you and Anarchy were very kind to help me with this. I wish luck for both of you. Please mark the problem solved, SOLUTION: link to lin2db instead of lin2comm, no idea why it asks for L2Conn.
  8. Yeah, I just tried that. It asks for the l2comm dsn file, but still doesn't work.
  9. I don't think so, removed everything from the 2008 Installation before installing the 2005 Express one. Here is a screenshot of the Configuration Manager.
  10. The AuthD returns "Invalid object name 'server' ", but once I run SELECT * FROM [dbo].[server] on Management Studio it works just fine. About the dsn, I just checked it again and it seems okay to me. The dsn files are down below. lin2clancomm.dsn [ODBC] DRIVER=SQL Server UID=sa DATABASE=lin2clancomm WSID=STRIKEX APP=Microsoft® Windows® Operating System SERVER=STRIKEX\SQLEXPRESS lin2comm.dsn [ODBC] DRIVER=SQL Server UID=sa DATABASE=lin2comm WSID=STRIKEX APP=Microsoft® Windows® Operating System SERVER=STRIKEX\SQLEXP
  11. Just switched the Screenshot to a bigger one. And the L2AuthDError.txt is bloody empty. Where can I see the user's rights? By the way, I tried to run it with SQL Express 2005, but the same errors happen.
  12. Windows 7 x64 Pro SQL Server 2008 Created the OBDC files with C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
  13. Well, I had a lot of issues with this project as well, you have to make the changes in the source code in order to use it. 1 - Make sure you have installed the x64 compiler on VS2005 2 - Did you take care of all the things related to the License?
  14. Well, I tried using those too, but the same thing happens. Trying to use Visual Studio debugger attached to l2.exe, L2Server returns nothing, there are no Errors once I get disconnected.