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  1. VISIT WEBSITE EXP/SP: x50 Adena: x10 Drop: x5 Spoil: x5 Seal Stones: x3 Keymats Drop/Spoil: x3 Manor: drop x100, reward x1 ENCHANTS & RAID BOSSES Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56% Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60% Raid Boss EXP/SP: x5 Raid Boss Drop: x3 Epic Boss Drop: x1 ITENS GM Shop D-Grade to B-Grade By Adena A-Grade Sealed By Acient Adena S-Grade Drop Parts and Craft Recipes 60% Upgrade S-Grade sets to Apella Apella Heavy Armor: Status Imperial Crusader + 300 HP + 300 CP Apella Leather Armor: Status Draconic Leather + 10% Speed and +10% Atk.Spd Apella Robe Armor: Status Major Arcana + 15% Cast. Spd Dynasty Armors and Weapons Craft Recipes 60% Dynasty Heavy Armor: Status Imperial Crusader + 500 HP + 500 CP Dynasty Leather Armor: Status Draconic Leather + 12% Speed and +15% Atk.Spd Dynasty Robe Armor: Status Major Arcana + 20% Cast. Spd GAME FEATURES Max 2 account per PC ( In autofarm only 1 ) NPC Buffer with 24h buff duration (Include all buffs) Mana Potions (500 MP, 5 sec Cooldown) Auto-learn skills Buff Slots (24 +4 with Divine Inspiration) Configurable Auto pickup (No, All, Adena Only) Offline Shop command .offline 1st Class Transfer 50.000 adena 2nd Class Transfer 500.000 adena 3rd Class Transfer 1.000.000 Adena Subclass Free Noblesse Last Hit Barakiel ( Necessary Sub 76+ ) Raid Informer NPC with date RB status Shift + Click Droplist on Monsters Global Trade Chat Min 50 PvP Points To bid for a Clan Hall required clan Level 8 To register on a Siege required Clan Level 8 Olympiad circle 7 days. First olympiad games June 14. First heroes June 21 Non-class 3 minimum participants to begin New System Olympiad Mage x Mage / Fighter x Fighter Tyrannosaurus drop Top LS chance 20% Retail Geodata and Pathnodes Seven Signs Open 24/7 without registration, mammon in Giran. VOTING SYSTEM Vote Reward System with a 12h Voting Rune as reward 🕜 Duration 12 Hours Increases your P. Def and M. Def by 6%, Movement Speed by 4%. ALL THOSE QUESTS ARE X3 Relics of the Old Empire Gather The Flames Alliance with the Ketra Orcs Alliance with the Varka Silenos War with Ketra Orcs War with the Varka Silenos The Finest Food A Powerful Primeval Creature Legacy of Insolence Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 Seekers of the Holy Grail Guardians of the Holy Grail Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force The Zero Hour Delicious Top Choice Meat Heart in Search of Power Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe Yoke of the Past CHANGED RAID & EPIC BOSSES All Raid Boss 12 - 36 hours retail respawn Frintezza 48 - 50 hours Valakas 264 - 266 hours Antharas 192 - 194 hours Baium 120 - 122 hours Zaken 48 - 50 hours Level 80 ! Orfen 36 - 38 hours Level 80 ! Core 36 - 38 hours Level 80 ! Ant Queen 24 - 26 hours Level 80 ! Splendor Barakiel 16 - 18 hours (Noblesse raid boss) Varka’s Hero Shadith 22 - 24 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Ketra Orcs) Varka’s Commander Mos 22 - 24 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Ketra Orcs) Ketra’s Hero Hekaton 22 - 24 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Varka Sile.) Ketra’s Commander Tayr 22 - 24 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Varka Sile.) VOICED COMMANDS .getreward Get a reward after voting. .premium Shows the time left on your active subscription .menu Detailed character customization. .epic To check epic boss status. .acp Configure auto use CP / HP / MP. .goldbar Exchange 500.000.000 adena for 1 goldbar. .adena Exchange 1 goldbar for 500.000.000 adena. .offline offline shop / craft. .repair If your character stuck or boot up screen not end.
  2. l2start.club open day 12 of june
  3. caio


    Thank you friend, I appreciate the compliment
  4. OBT DAY 05/03 20:00 GMT-3 OFICIAL OPEN DAY 12/03 20:00 GMT-3 Wave, We concluded all the systems and subsystems for our new client Classic Improved. This client is a mix of two clients (Interlude + H5 + Classic) and thus we manage to develop a new client called Classic Improved.What is the difference? The interludes servers will survive for a long time and because it is the platform that is more "easy" to play and less complicated for the players and browse to the most used in the world. As isso we stick all to the gameplay of the interlude server (Classes, Races, Quests, Skills, Itens) and we implanted in a new 100% innovative client and with great chronicle novelties. WWW.L2HEAVY.COM RATED EXP Rated - 99x. SP Rated - 99x. Adena Rated - 5x. ( Trade stabilized based on the defined rate ) Drop rated - 2x. Spoil Drop - 2x. Quest rated - 2x. Sean Stones - 3x. Key Mats - 3x Manor 200x - ENCHANTS Safe Enchant + 3. / Full Armor +4 Max Weapon +16 / Max Armor +12 Scroll Enchant chance - 50% Blessed Scroll Enchant chance - +5% chance - on fail return +0 Crystal Scroll Enchant chance - +10% chance - on fail return +0 Improved Scroll Enchant chance - +3% chance Enchant 3 Points - on fail mantain enchant NEW SKILLS Rush: Charges into the target, if the distance between the target and the character is more than 150. (Classes: Duelist, Dreadnought, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Fortune Seeker, Maestro, Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse) Reward level 76 Spirit Sharing: For 20 min. , Your pet P. Atk. , M. Atk. , Atk. Spd. , Casting Spd. , P. / M. Critical Rate. Spirit Ore consumption. (Classes: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner) Reward Level 40 and 76 Counter Dash: When attacked, party member’s Speed is increased by 15 for 10 seconds. (Class: Silver Ranger ) Reward Level 40 and 76 Potential Ability: When equipped with a dagger, increases Critical Rate by 20% and Critical Damage by 256. (Classes: All Daggers ) Reward Level 76 Turn to Stone: Petrifies oneself for 8 seconds to avoid incurring damage. (Classes: All Healers ) Reward Level 58 Improve Potential: For 20 min., M. Atk. +75%; with a certain chance, absorbs 9% of the inflicted damage as HP. (Classes: Elven Elder & Shillien Elder ) Reward Level 52 Combat Aura: For 20min., increases party member's P. Atk. by 5% and Atk. Spd. by 5%. (Classes: All Tanks Elder ) Reward Level 70 Summon Phoenix: Summons a Phoenix. Requires 2 A-grade Crystals. (Classes: Paladin ) Reward Level 40 EPIC/RAID BOSSES AND QUEST XP/SP - 99x. EPIC/RAID drop - 1x. Quests Retail. All zone epic and custom raid - CHAOTIC ZONE ON. NPCs GM Shop Gatekeeper Global Support Magic ( Buffer Basic ). Pawn Shop, Grand master. Warehouse GAME FEATURES Primavel Island - Adena rated - 2x. Mana Potion Recovery 1000MP Skill block debuff - ON. SHIFT + CLICK - Check droplist on monsters. Vote System Reward VIP Status for 12 hour Offline Shop - ON. Autoloot - ON. Auto learn skills. NPC Buffer - With 1h buffer duration. Buff Slot: 20 + 4 (Divine Inspiration). Gatekeeper free up until level 40. Retail geodata and pathnodes. Teleport protection in seconds 15 1ST CLASS – 50.000 Adena / 2 ND – CLASS 500.000 Adena / 3 – 10.000.000 Adena Sub Class 200kk per sub Noblesse status, Barakiel Party Last Hit ( Necessary sub 76+ ) Scroll Escape Skill for Giran Town Global Trade Chat - Level min 76 Especial Chat for Vips Seven Sings open 24h, Mammon merchant spawned in Giran Tyrannosaurus drop Top LS chance 20% Auto Destroy Drops in 5 Minutes CLANS AUTO CREATE CLANS LEVEL 5 Clan Hall Bid min Clan lvl 6 To register on a Siege required Clan Level 6 OLYMPIAD Min 9 Participations to give Hero Seasons 15 Day, Battles 18:00 to 23:29 Blased Class OFF Max Enchant +6 / Automatic Reduces in combat COMMANDS .menu .acp .rb / .epic .vote EVENTS. Group vs Group. TvT Dragon Pendants Event Kamaloka Instance
  5. Topic Edit for new infos
  6. Rates Experience x75 Skill points x75. Adena x100. Seal stones x5. Spoil x3. Quest x5. Enchants Safe +4. Max. Armor +12. Max. Weapon +16 Normal Chance 50%. Blessed Chance 60%. Crystal Enchant Min Weapon +12 / Armor Min +8 Chance 75% - On Fail Return +12 / +8 Augmentation Skill chance: 15/30/45/60. Glow chance: 0/40/70/100. Deleted skill when changing weapons. Skills retail. (not edited) No Drop Augment Item Trade Augment item Gameplay Server time (utc -3). Catacombs and necropolis open 24h Auto loot. (not for boss) Auto learn skills. 1st, 2nd, 3rd job free. Subclass item buy in npc. (no quest) Nobless quest. ( Hellfire Oil and Lunargent in NPC) Max. slots 24 + 4. (divine inspiration in npc) Self-skills not count slots. Buff time 2 hours. Auto Create Clan level 5, Clan penalty 1h Advanced cancel - Reatores buffs for 10 seg. Limited access - 2 sessions per PC. Offline shop - Open store and exit game. Wedding system - Npc located in Giran Temple. Champion system. Achievement system - Complete the achievements and earn rewards. Color system Buy in NPC . (Event Coin ) Auto restart - 05:00 hours. (utc -3) Up Clan System: Mammon Merchant Spawn in Giran: When you enter the server level 20 you automatically win an item box just click 2x and win the starter items below the images below: Server Economy Equipments up to B-Grade on sale by adenas in IMPERIAL SHOP A-Grade Sealed Buy in NPC on farm itens S-Grade Custom Craft Runes Rate Bonus: 5-Hours Bonus ( Activate Passive Skill ) Mission System ( Starter, Daily, PvP, Olympiad, Epic boss ) Command .mission All Mobs by pressing " Shift + Click " you see the droplist Farm/Drop Comparation 100 Draft Bear Up to 75 Bear Especial Sets Upgrade: S-Grade Sets to Apella Sets (S-Grade) Dyes: Especial +5 -2 Tattoos Retail Anti Zerg-Premium Alliance max 2 clan. Clan and alliance penalties - 2 hours. Clan maximum capacity - 40 members. Clan Academy capacity - 10 members. Not allowed to use equal flags - the clan leader will be subject to punishment. Olympiad Oly period 7 days. Battle time - 18h ~ 00h. Battles per base class disabled. Battles 1x1 Battles 3x3 (in Party ) Number of registration to start - 3 players. Sieges Siege period - 2 weeks. Battle time - 18h ~ 20h. Max. 10 registered clans. Max. 10 flags. (one at a time) Events Team vs Team - automatic system, every 2 hours. Collect Medal Pc Bang Points Kamaloka Instance: 3 Raid Bosses for custom Drops kamaloka.thumb.jpg.07106dacc2bf1a525910e L2Day Event Raid Bosses Flame of Splendor Barakiel - respawn time 4h ~ 8h. All Raid bosses - respawn time 12h ~ 24h. All Raid bosses level 75+ have custom drops. Epic Bosses Core - respawn time 1 day Orfen - respawn time 1 day Queen Ant - respawn time 2 days Zaken - respawn time 3 days Frintezza - respawn time 3 days Baium - respawn time 5 days Antharas - respawn time 8 days Valakas - respawn time 8 days All Epic bosses jewelry drop 100% and Crystal Enchant 100%. Chaotic Zone Server Protection: System Server: Smartguard Contacts Email: support@l2imperial.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/l2imperialx75
  7. Hi, I'm here to introduce you to my project. Online Day 11 November - 14:00 GMT -3 Website: www.l2imperial.com INTERLUDE SERVER OFICIAL PTS Rates XP - SP - x200 | Premium Accounts x400 Adena - x100 | Premium Accounts x200 Drop Itens - x5 | Premium Accounts x10 Seal Stones - x10 Quest Experiencia (EXP) - x100 Quest Skill Points (SP) - x100 Quest Adena - x150 Quest Drop Itens - x10 Spoil - x5 Weight Limit - x10 Itens D,C,B,A-Grade itens for ADENA S-Grade Itens Drop Part ou Craft Shield parry for Mystic Sacred Bonus ( Angels,Saints, Gods ) In Armor and Jewels Sacred Jewels Core and Orfen Heavens Divider One Handed Dual Dragon Slayer * Dragon Slayer Dual Dark Legion's * Dark Legion's Sacred Dyes +5-2 Enchants Safe +4 Max Armor/Jewelry +15 Max Weapon +20 Max. Enchant Normal Scroll - +15 Max. Enchant Normal Blessed - +15 Normal Scroll chance 50% for +15 Blessed Scroll Armor chance 70% for +10 Blessed Scroll Weapon chance 70% for +20 Crystal Scroll Weapon Min +20 Max +25 for 90% Chance ( Fail Back +20 ) Crystal Scroll Armor min +10 Max +15 for 90% Chance ( Fail Back para +10 ) Gameplay Official PTS Interlude no Custom Itens Frintezza / Sailren and all grand Bosses Running Unlimited Dual Box Off-Trade: Your Store stays ingame without being online. Subclass without quest Lock exp gain with commands xpoff & xpon in .menu Disabled all clan penalties Sieges: Every Saturday and Sunday The catacombs are open 24 / 7 Teleport and free buffs to Level 40 Blesseds enchants farm in custom areas Clanhall: new sales system Droplist Info Shift+Click Farm Areas Acient Adena: Catacombs/Necropolis rate x8 Medans and Fragments: All Mobs Adena/Blesseds: Aligator Sland +70% Drop/Craft S: Field of Silence Drop/Craft S: Field of Winsper Npc's Global Gatekeeper Npc BUFFER Npc Boss Status Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Grocery Shop Noblesse Barakiel with Nobles Status Awards for the party that gives the last hit Barakiel Respawn 4h (Chaotic Zone) Ember Respawn 4h (Chaotic Zone) Boses All Epic bosses Level 80+ Valakas, antharas Spawn 48h Baium,Zaken,Frintezza Spawn 36hs Queen Ant, Core, Orfen Spawn 24h Ketra's Hero Hekaton Varka's Hero Shadith Cherub Galaxia Palibati Queen Themis Longhorn Golkonda Shilens Messenger Cabrio Drops : Medals : 60% 100-250 Blessed Enchants Armor/Weapon A/S/B - (100-300) Ancient Adena - (14.000.000) Top Grade Stones - ( 10 - 15) Events Team Vs Team ( Top Killer wins Status Hero for 2 Hours ) NPc Buffs Not Allowed at Event L2 Day Event where you change the letters by Scrolls of buffs to use in the events Party vs Party Every Day at 22:00 Raid Boss And Others :) Auto Clan Level Automatic Clan level awards based on online players Level 6 = 10 Players online Level 7 = 20 Players online Level 8 = 25 Players online Buffs Buff Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration in NPC ) Pet Buffs no NPC Scheme Buffs no NPC Hot Springs e Noblesse a venda por medal no NPC Buff tempo de 2 horas Olympiad Period : 7 days, hero every Saturday 12:00 Time of battles 16:00 for 23:59 GMT-3 Max Enchant +6 Class Based disabled Min 9 Matches to be Hero Server Commands .menu (xpon, xpoff, Autoloot) .deposit .withdraw - Converte 500.000.000 Adena em Gold Bars .whoiam ( Check all status ) Anti Zerg Max 1 Clan for Ally No Royal's Maximo 40 Players for Clan Infos Server Time - GMT -3 SmartGuard Protection Geodata Ativado Anti DDOS Protection
  8. By your words you must have the greatest server in the world. Please enter youtube and search L2 Revolution Server or Honor Games that you will understand about the term (We are back)
  9. Lineage Interlude Honor About the project: Hello friends, I would like to inform you that our project is being done since last year, with a lot of dedication and love, trying to recover the essence of our gambling of yesteryear and return our times of gold. Unfortunately in our team there was a tragedy that we hurt a lot and got to announce the end of HonorGames ( If someone ask who had closed the activities) do not want to go much into detail. Lucera2 Project Infos Exp/Sp: 50x Drop/Craft Retail Quest Facilitated Noblesse Quest Retail Journal Platform Bonus Angels, Saints and Gods in jewelry and Sets Dyes +5-2 Parry Items ( Mage and Dagger ) 24 + 4 slots (Learning with Divine Inspiration) Offline shop Check out all the information on our website Some videos of players to show over time that our company exists, and it went through several ava: https://youtu.be/RHcBJcOg92s https://youtu.be/yF4aBh12Udo https://youtu.be/TwIXfz1TshU https://youtu.be/vkfidcW6rqo https://youtu.be/R4rXlr3Dxak https://youtu.be/IOvtrwetoBA https://youtu.be/NXJLW9RCjSM https://youtu.be/NXJLW9RCjSM https://youtu.be/v9Nxqtn4Skg Prints Website: http://la2interlude.com.br/
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