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  1. Thank you friend, I appreciate the compliment
  2. OBT DAY 05/03 20:00 GMT-3 OFICIAL OPEN DAY 12/03 20:00 GMT-3 Wave, We concluded all the systems and subsystems for our new client Classic Improved. This client is a mix of two clients (Interlude + H5 + Classic) and thus we manage to develop a new client called Classic Improved.What is the difference? The interludes servers will survive for a long time and because it is the platform that is more "easy" to play and less complicated for the players and browse to the most used in the world. As isso we stick all to the gameplay of the interlude server (Classes, Races, Quests, Skills, Itens) and
  3. Topic Edit for new infos
  4. Rates Experience x75 Skill points x75. Adena x100. Seal stones x5. Spoil x3. Quest x5. Enchants Safe +4. Max. Armor +12. Max. Weapon +16 Normal Chance 50%. Blessed Chance 60%. Crystal Enchant Min Weapon +12 / Armor Min +8 Chance 75% - On Fail Return +12 / +8 Augmentation Skill chance: 15/30/45/60. Glow chance: 0/40/70/100. Deleted skill when changing weapons. Skills retail. (not edited) No Drop Augment Item Trade Augment item Gameplay Server time (utc -3). Catacombs and necropolis open 24h Auto loot. (not for bo
  5. Hi, I'm here to introduce you to my project. Online Day 11 November - 14:00 GMT -3 Website: www.l2imperial.com INTERLUDE SERVER OFICIAL PTS Rates XP - SP - x200 | Premium Accounts x400 Adena - x100 | Premium Accounts x200 Drop Itens - x5 | Premium Accounts x10 Seal Stones - x10 Quest Experiencia (EXP) - x100 Quest Skill Points (SP) - x100 Quest Adena - x150 Quest Drop Itens - x10 Spoil - x5 Weight Limit - x10 Itens D,C,B,A-Grade itens for ADENA S-Grade Itens Drop Part ou Craft Shield parry for Mystic Sacred Bonus ( Angels,Saints, G
  6. By your words you must have the greatest server in the world. Please enter youtube and search L2 Revolution Server or Honor Games that you will understand about the term (We are back)
  7. Lineage Interlude Honor About the project: Hello friends, I would like to inform you that our project is being done since last year, with a lot of dedication and love, trying to recover the essence of our gambling of yesteryear and return our times of gold. Unfortunately in our team there was a tragedy that we hurt a lot and got to announce the end of HonorGames ( If someone ask who had closed the activities) do not want to go much into detail. Lucera2 Project Infos Exp/Sp: 50x Drop/Craft Retail Quest Facilitated Noblesse Quest Retail Journal Platform Bonus A