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  1. Are there any Korean in your team? Because I don't speak English. I have many Questions your SGuard.
  2. disn't 'botsignatures.sql' Where can I fount it? l2ro / gameserver / dao / ClickersSignatureDao.java l2ro / gameserver / network / serverpackets / KeyPacket.java l2ro / gameserver / network / serverpackets / ClickersSignatures.java
  3. When I start Auto Aug with out Adena. Aug window closed but try Aug is progressing. Cancel Aug price does not have because. Do you know that? I'll show you video if you want. Becouse my English is verry bad. Thank you.
  4. Yes. It's English if You need English. What's your source? And PM plz.
  5. Hello. I want to create R grade on H5 client. To system Weapongrp, Armorgrp... Not S84 grade img. I mean no R grade items. R grade icon img. Like this. Can you help me? Thank you.
  6. Hello. Thank you your sharing. It's amazing! thank you again. I want change Langue. change korean. This windows. I also looked up sysstring-e.txt but it wasn't there. and some Commands. /instancezone how to change user command? that's not korean version client's command. thanks man!.
  7. The password is not working. a u kidding me? your post's file is all has password. Just client. c10: l9en3 e ++ c20: ä+37y c30: 65+sb c40: 'b5e! c50: öe&Bq c60: 1?ßa_ ct10: hfdtg6 ct15: k,5hE ct21: h68.öQ p1c ct23: 45g$G p2d ct24: gshgP4 ct25: f$$$31 ct261: AÜÜ?% p1 p" ct262: BÄÄ?% ct263: CÖÖ?% summer lobby: 5uMM3/2 halo: h5hal0 char sel old for h5 fix: kjh5§?_F is this password? huh?
  8. Can I find [/targetnext] command? My Client is Korean version. Use Mini Farm Bot . Kor command is [/다음타겟] Where i find it and fix it?
  9. base source is L2ro-L2AvA (L2_Mythras, L2j_Reunion And maybe FandC)
  10. I am Korean. I need buy Korean version Client (High five 273) do you have?